Topping From The Top

Normally I ignore the ignorance of those who think they can one up me but tonight it’s been overwhelming.

To all you bottom toppers. You wealthy, condescending subs, you! I beg of you, keep your proposals showering down upon me. Your generosity offered if only I submit, comply, and obey is so enticing. I am literally trembling in anticipation of the long, hard work that is required to fulfill your every desire. </sarcasm> *vomits and dies*

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My personal time is my personal time.

This ^ is exactly why I’m annoyed by hungry cam girls who moonlight as a dominatrix. And this is coming from someone who has nothing but respect for all sex workers. I’m not bitter, I just want to make the online world of camming a better place for all of us. So ladies, if you do not know what you are doing PLEASE do NOT do it until you LEARN HOW. Being manipulated into submitting yourself to a man’s fetish for (sometimes extremely) low pay ruins the meaning of power exchange. Watch, adsorb, and charge exuberantly high rates. You are what you advertise. Do not allow yourself to be bought. The more respect you have for yourself, the more respect you will be given. (I am not attempting to tell anyone what to charge for their cam time but please don’t be talked into going ‘on sale’ because your client can’t doesn’t want to pay your rate.)

And I do not claim to be the authority on domination but I have been pretty darn successful at it for a really long time and there is a reason: I never settle. I’d rather walk away with no money and my head held high then feel like my boundaries were overstepped. For every missed “opportunity” there is another waiting to be discovered. And I can’t discover them if I am wasting my time with someone who doesn’t respect my time.


I suppose taking a 3 year break from web camming (or any sort of intimate interaction with online subs) would have to have some kind of negative repercussions despite my steadily increasing income. But my boys know I’ve been around the block a few times. This ain’t my first rodeo.

Ladies, if you object to any of this I would love to hear your opinion. I am attempting to be as open minded as I can be but the amount of condescending bullshit I’m being shoveled now a days is INSANE. I love my job but I hate weeding through the waste.

2 thoughts on “Topping From The Top

  1. So glad to read and hear you feel this way. I’ve felt this way for a few years now, and it’s why I rarely do webcam or phone anymore. The less BS I have to deal with/hear, the better. I have upped my prices, and it doesn’t weed out the idiots unfortunately. The only thing you can do is cut them off. Offer less interaction.

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