Love Letters

Dear Princess Meggerz,

You are one of the most phenomenal people I know on the internet. Your understanding of how to manipulate, control, and dominate others fundamentally, financially, and mentally is unparalleled compared to other financial dominatrices I have seen.  Calling you a financial dominatrix is an understatement. You are more of a Goddess compared to them. It’s clear to see that you actually enjoy making people your complete and utter bitches and controlling their lifestyles. It’s such a joy to see it and I wish I can be a part of it. As a college student and only at the age of 18, living in California, I struggle at finding a job. I manage to buy your clips from time to time using my financial aid money. It helps me study so much hearing you humiliate me. My first paycheck will undoubtedly go to you, Princess Meggerz and most probably my second and third, and so on. You are truly a phenomenal Goddess and I love how you have taken the internet by storm. I wish to only be of some aid to you until the time I can acquire a job. Anythhing I may help you with, I’d be willing to do wholeheartedly with a smile on my face. I know you are a tremendously busy Goddess and you have no time for an insignificant wretch like me, so I do not expect a reply, but I just wanted to say you’re simply an amazing Goddess!

– A Slave that Adores You

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