Reflection & Resolution

This past year I’ve put in the least amount of effort possible and I’ve still managed to make the most amount of money… ever.

I live by myself in a two bedroom apartment, in an awesome neighborhood in Brooklyn, one of the world’s most expensive cities and yet I still manage to save a substantial amount of money each year. I fly by the seat of my pants. I take lavish vacations. This year I’ve acquired 3 multi-family income properties in NYC.  This truly is validation that my sheer existence is lucrative. I mean fuck, I had two $40k+ months this year. I bet that’s more than you make annually.


But gloating aside…


I want to put the effort in. I want to see my empire grow. I want to explore, create, conquer.

So I’m writing this more so for me than you. I’ve got the world in the palm of my hand and all I have to do is remember it’s there.

Cheers, fuckers!

2016 was actually great to me… and 2017- oh hunny, you’re mine.

financial domination

4 thoughts on “Reflection & Resolution

  1. U are so hot and sexy. I want to be teased into sending u so many humiliating naked photos so that u have complete control over me.

    • Oh Brian You Have No Idea How Well I Can Tease Make You Yearn Make You My Little Play Toy Do As I Say And Add My Snap Chat Brian You Bad Bad Boy!

      SnapChat- groceryybagg

      We Will Punish You Soon

  2. I really like this post. I only recently discovered you … guess I’m late to the party … so to speak. Will definitely try and keep up with your progress of taking over the world!!

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