It’s Raining CASH

And then this happened.

devotional love letter




A $599 couch was also purchased.

Someone else was randomly sweeping my wishlist.

And Charles making moves to keep his anonymity. He doesn’t want to be made an example of. I want more Charles.


I didn’t even lift a finger. I just went out and ignored the computer like usual. BTW- love the jacket, brown nips.

meggerz jacket

2 thoughts on “It’s Raining CASH

  1. You Miss, are pretty amazing! I would love to do something like this just to be able to pay my bills up and get back on my FEET!!! I’d give anything right now for $5000 just to pay off and up my rent and bills! I’m not a crazy spender, no credit cards or major debt, (besides student loans 🙁 ), never been able to have much. But I am, or at least have been content in life with the little I’ve worked my ass off for. Now, because I, like so many other women, trusted and fell for the worst of men. He was a loser alcoholic drug user and very violent. When I finally broke free and ran I had and still do, work full time and paid for everything. He drained my bank account my truck was repoed and I lost my home. I kept moving forward though. Got a new used car new home and found my feet but no matter how hard I try I can’t get back on top. I’m trying to juggle everything and losing. I’m now so far behind again I am about to be evicted from my home cause I can’t pay late fees and the deposit I owe still. I freed myself f

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