So it’s been a long time since I actually sat My happy ass down to write a blog but there is good reason for it.

I was in the city of angels..LA… for a week, time divided between shooting a few hot models: (a pic of the lcd screen on My Canon Ti2) Daphney and Kymberly. Fucking amazing bitches to hang with.

And racing in a rally,

and partypartypartying, halloweening on hollywood blvd. no pics :/ whatevzz.

Waiting on  little money bagz second installment. $8,975.00 isn’t going to cut it for the full trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. First class flight for Mz Devious and Myself, hotel, dinners, and BOOB JOB! hahaha fuck yea. Happy fucking titty birthday to ME! Suck it boob boiz. I am going to destroy as soon as I am back in wallet raping shape.

Speaking of raping wallets, cumdump, your tuition / car payment is due. But you already know that and have it on it’s way. you are My complete bitch. Oh btw love My baby laptop pc you purchased for My travels.



Then it was back to Ft Myers to hang with the baddest of bitches, Mz Devious.

Thx footboy Waynie and Tom Acer- who might I add – have been raping on the regular. hahaha

Wayne, I want these for My birthday.

Make it happen. Christian Louboutin – just like My $1,200 pair from last birthday.

Gifts are trickling in- keep em coming.

AND just a few of the shenanigans I have been up to:

 for some reason they wont embed so try




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