Spoiled By My Pay Pigs

Piggy Justin is an attention whore. Seeing his name on my blog is like seeing it in lights. He craves the acknowledgment and as long as making a short, sweet, and simple post about his little financial accomplishments keeps my amazon wishlist cleaned off I am ALL for it.

Meggerz Ass

From Piggy Justin

whole foods giftcards

Piggy Justin is keeping me well fed.

spoiled amazon binge

Coming Soon

spoiled gifts

Random Tributes. LOVE the tampons. @MatsNidus

bras and panties from cuckold

Cumdump’s Cuckhold Haul

Speaking of Cumdump, LOVE IT whore! Inside my toilet bowl. How utterly fitting yet so disgusting. Suits you perfectly.

toilet humiliation

Cumdump – Inside my toilet bowl.

What else have I been up to you ask? Oh just busy raping wallets and stomping dignity. You know, the usual. I seem to be great at it.  I have tons more pics but they are all on my laptop… I suppose one day I’ll get around to posting them. Don’t cry if you don’t see yourself up here. It’s not cuz you weren’t hilarious, it’s jus because you’re not worth my time finding.

loser with panties on his face

small penis humiliation


Oh and Happy Valentines Day to me.

meggerz photrobooth

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