Back home from NYC with big plans for the new year. Now I know that’s what everyone is saying but I am actually going to be DOING.

nyc meggerz

Once everything is taken care of here at home…

Finally a good uhm cuck,  unlike the rest of those self proclaimed “devoted slaves,” stepped up to the plate and scored Me a home run this Christmas.  Oh yea and Cumdump’s little late cock slobbing Christmas cash also was enough for the holidays to keep Me from posting and totally ruining him.

This is by NO means everything but only half of what has arrived. Enjoy.

princess nike shox and flip flopsprincess meggerz rockstarcuckold magic wandVictorias Secret Princessvictorias secret princessmeggerz designer jeans

dresses for the princesscuckold blackcockslave ken shiny slutballz

TK has been being a good obedient little charred money bitch and every Wed as agreed upon, I get $100 for nothing more then removing some stupid old photo. 

And Cuckbitch has been doing a decent job sending cash for every one of Our demands. Dates, dinners, movies, sexy outfits, etc are all simply "reimbursed" with an order and a receipt. you fucking worthless suckers make My life amazing.

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