Al la la la laaaaaaa

Look at the pathetic piece of shit chant and try and touching his dick. The fucking arab loser can’t resist but make a few stroking motions but alas… the dog is in chastity… bahahaha

(well lucky you, shitdog, your video wont holdup on ANY clip servers… hrmm.. )

NO I DO NOT LIKE IT! I find it disgusting. I find you a fucking mess. I find you a freak of nature. And guess what today is shitdog..? Sunday. Time to carry out the first of many orders I have for you durring this very humorous mouth of ramadumb.

Cumdump, do NOT feel left out. I still have plenty of cock left in line for you to drain. Don’t worry about all this hilarious nonsense  dealing with inferior races. you are still My stupid bimbo fuck and I am still here to take all your hard earned cash while I train and tease you into complete cock adoring submission! I have absolutely no doubt you have had your dildo between your lips round the clock. Wearing your sexy, silky, slutty whore wear whilst choking on bigger and better things. On your knees waiting for Me like the sack of pathetic shit that you are. Open wide bitch.


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