Stupid whore cumdump.  It looks as if you forgot to send My holiday present on time and now I find you playing dirty games with a skank that is older then dirt who looks like a mac truck plowed into her face a few times too many. So it’s a cute little banner you crave? With your old ugly wrinkled tits in lingerie, ramming dildos up your mangina slit. Oh don’t you worry you stupid fucking whore, I’m not going to blank your face out either. I’m more then kind.
I want the world to see how pathetic you really are. It’s more fun when there are no secrets, NO LIES…
Since you have no cam I will take all the liberty of using those photos you have so publicly posted of yourself and make a sweet little montage to post all over the web. Try Me shitbag. I promise you if I don’t see My cash… your name attached to your photos, FACE AND ALL.

4 thoughts on “CUMDUMP

  1. dude you’re dumb. he doesn’t like you anymore maybe? get over it, get a real job like everyone else and quit crying.

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