the world is MINE

More Miami photos, – and there are more of Me…

chillin sippin My drink in the Cabana while Princess Vikki was indisposed ;] Yes I am making a face. But I am still hot.

I’m your fucking ghost bitch.


The other night was a lovely drunk mess. It started off caming with a friend of Mine (for fun) which turned into a night of losers with cash.  First ratboy came along and just dumped green into My clipvia account. Sat there like a loser oogling over Me being the heavenly Goddess that I am. Next this self bukake bitch of Mine begs for a little cleavage tease.

Said it turned you on to see yourself in My blog. Well here you are dumbass. Aren’t you proud?

The rest of your douche bouches aren’t even worth a name drop. In fact, I already forgot half of you. Don’t worry, My bank account hasn’t.

Wayne’s Christian Louboutin’s that were too small finally made their way back to Me in the form of a giftcard. What a sweet number for a pair of hot heels.


Who’s going to Fetcon this year? Thinking Princess Vikki is coming down to Tampa to join Me and knowing regardless, Cumdump is paying for the Suite.  Now the question is, who is paying for My flight to Maine end of May?? J!!!!! I am waiting on you ;]

VEGAS IN A WEEK AND 3 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “the world is MINE

  1. I plan on being there for FetCon! 😀 I gotta get plane tix in the next couple weeks.


    ps. These pics are fuckin’ hott!

  2. G

    It’s too much to me i never been exposed to this amount of beauty and power (b&p) i think my commitment to stop having sex with my wife will be longer or even forever :p piggyjustin

    • Re: G

      no pig should fuck his wife. It is fundamentaly wrong. If the wife knows about the pig then she would not let him fuck her in any case. If she does not know about him than it is deception and pig should be punished for trying to show his wife that it is a man! haha

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