Too Much More To Cum

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Hi there, I would like to re-introduce Myself.

I am, what a lot of other girls like to refer to themselves as, a Financial Dominatrix. I would also best describe Myself as a Humiliatrix although I don’t see much difference between the two. Financially raping a paypig is as humiliating as charging a puppet to perform on cam.
Being highly skilled in the art of properly degrading a well established, financially endowed "man" isn’t something most of us can successfully accomplish.
Nor is taking the average joe for all he is worth.

cash fetish

But I can.

I went on a little 3k shopping spree on amazon and bought a some high priced items. Although I do like seeing the number of purchased items add up I am really not one to go nuts on anything less then $100. All those chickadees with 1k $5 items really make Me wanna… smile. Yes, smile.

So I commanded one of Mine to help refill the balance. It will be back to 5k promptly.

Princess meggerz takes your cash


Uhm. yes.

you are broke

I need more to want! =]

And shadi shabookiefool is back with his giantess collages. Personally My fav are the blood, guts, and gore but seeing My perfect peds smash the world to smithereens always produces a smug little grin.


Looks almost like bullet holes… except for the bottom one, I can see the arched back of a woman… like her soul is being sucked out into My foot. The other 2 look like they are being fucked, I guess by Me.

Just ask philip. I suck souls.



And what a deliciously wicked combinationsuck it

The balls are the size of coconuts.

you are sucking


AK tymeggerz, justinpiggy, and sissyslutfag KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.

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