whoote boobs

Markus S hi meggerz. i am interested in a live session. i have about 120$ to spend. i want you to have it all. and hopefully you can suck more money out of my weak loser self.
Markus S Princess you there?
Markus S ;/
princessmeggerz I am not doing sessions at the moment.
Markus S what about for 150.00 im really horny and wanting to be destroyed princess. thank you for a reply princess.
Markus S thank you
Markus S Princess???
Markus S fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.princess ignore me! plus your not az hottt anymore bitch…. i dodnt want to look at that train wreck of a boob job you fucking clown looking freak.
princessmeggerz ROFL
Markus S It is dam suer funny you clown lookin bitch
Markus S hahahahaha dun no what to say bitch???
princessmeggerz yes. it sure is funny. Sorry I don’t think your $150 is worth My time.
Markus S ight you clown titty lookin bitch no problem. i got otha hoes. thx goodness your clips were for free off the net……….
Markus S i just had to see iff dem tits were as bad as they were on da clips yahno?
Markus S cuz dem a fuckin whoote
Markus S you just need some of my balck cock up in your pussy bitch.
Markus S i’ll winnd them tittys up for you..do some free work sugga

and going and going….

yes markus- you are a winner. oh and btw, My “whoote” boobs are less then 3 weeks old. When someone slices your body open and shoves a huge implant inside, you will be a little swollen.

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