Princess, can i be pretty too?

Will snorting female hormone pills and pumping your flat tits make you pretty?

The answer is NO.

But it will help to transform you into My stupid mindless zombie bimbo! She signed her life away to Me, notarized and all. Now the slut will slowly yet surely fulfil her complete feminization reprogramination!


Dick Wich – Sissy – Chuck Fucking – Ass Sheen

Ever wondered what a dickwich was? WELL not anymore!!

 Where are you JUSTIN? I want another session Wagner… I want your lil girl to know what a dipshit her daddy is, a DISGRACE!  A humiliation whore. so why shouldn’t I post your face again?



Cumdump, where are you slutty? I cashed your WU but I want more. MORE use, MORE abuse (oh I LOVE HOW THOSE WORDS RHYME) and MORE of your money.  Where is My jizzie pie?

Lost somewhere in My ass game? I bet..

And chuck fucker…

Wow I am so busy… More updates sooooooon!

OH AND whore, BID.

She can’t live without My training, she can’t live without My care. Bimbo sluts of Mine, NEED THIS!

WARNING – A BIG BLACK PENIS and a dumb whore

Can you believe all it takes for My dumb whore to fall into complete slut puppet mode is to flash a photo like this in front of her face?  Instantly a mindless bimbo begging for Me to destroy!


HAHAHA HOW FUCKING PATHETIC, RIGHT?  Big black gay stud muffins really get this dumb slut going and Bimbo P paid Me (obviously) to allow him to pick out and send Me photos of cock he wanted to slob. Gross. $10 gutter whore.  OPEN WIDE cuz here come the hot sauce manpons!


SUCK IN THAT FAT GUT, SLUT.  A true cock sucking girlie boi needs to work on her figure and remove her extra ugly skin.



HA I think that hot sauce burnt some skin off and really opened that hole up for all the BBC it’s going to be taking for Me. Keep it up whore. Oh and the shitcicle facial and suck toy, PRICELESS.

ONE FOR THE ROAD! hahahaha Don’t you feel like a fucking moron right now.