Pigs Without The Balls


The first mistake is acknowledgement. Once they know you have read their email they refuse to shut up. The blood starts making it’s way into their flappy penis and the emails flow in faster then the erection grows. I personally find it hilarious how I am not a “cruel” mistress because I refuse to purchase pigs at a local farm only to castrate them for a clip… but maybe My opinion is just skewed. Any one else out there interested, shoot Joaquin Octavio Diaz Anton <joaquindiazanton@live.com> an email.

So riddle Me this Batman, how does this:

“hello Madame. I am a fan  of you. from the first moment I saw one of his clips, I’ve become addicted to you. several months ago  I am a regular buyer of videos of you, I think that you is very cruel, humiliating, manipulative and of course, very sexy.
so hot it made me afraid to speak to you.”

Esclade into this:

“I want a video like this:

“you want me to cut off a pigs balls?” – Me

“oh yeah.
same as the sadistic farm girl of the video.
and I want you to  crush balls with their feet. and flip flops.
I had not yet dared to speak up now.

I would like you to do a custom video for me .I also would like to chat with you on facebook. Could I have your facebook?
excuse my english,  I am from spain.”

“yeah no that is not happening. I am not touching a pig.” -Me

“I am a pig: D.
,you can buy online baby pigs at a farm, and castrate they at home.
  I understand that there would be an extra cost, but that’s no problem for me
what is your opinion?
“no.” -Me
see this sadic farmgirl castrating a poor baby pig; and she is laughting while the poor baby male pig cries of pain and despair.

she is laughing. she is hot.”

What part of NO keeps your boner up?

</barf session>


Filthy Piggy Justin is back and ever so proud. He has been MIA since, oh who knows? I never really bothered to keep track. And he’s been begging Me day and night to blog about what he has bought so far. It’s supposed to be flattering but it’s honestly annoying. I didn’t even save that photo you sent, so resend Me one via email if you wanna jerk to it posted…  So here ya go pig, go wiggle wag your bonery tail to this shout out.

PJ: Hhhhm, since 29 March, ive bought items with total cost of $781.56 which i thought i might be more indeed im not quite impressed as i think i can do better ..

Why yes, yes you can PJ.


I see you bought more… and I’ve just now assigned you more.

-I have a ton more to post… but will have to wait.