Ass VS Ass

A few days after returning from NYC I am hopping BACK onto a plane, destination Bahamas. Thanks Maid Twat. All expenses paid. I needed this mini vaca to  recover from My NYC vaca. And lucky bitch gets to serve Me drinks while I tan in My bikini by the pool.

Ninja Jason will be in Tampa around the 18th… then off to Ultra with Princess Vikki. April is open… but Philly may be on the schedule. And early May, HELLO PUERTO RICO!!!  Fuck. Traveling and I have a love hate relationship.


My task for the little burnt boys. Buy them both and tell Me who has the better ass. My or My girl Taylor!

My Plantation
Keeping you monkeys under My thumb is so easy when I flash you a peek at My white ass. The superior color and quality of Me keeps you in check when performing all My duties. Let’s think Kunta Kinte here. I run your burnt ass.
Tay Tay’s White Girl Booty
Little white girl Taylor loves mocking your big black nig cock. She tease and taunts you with her little bubble butt while making complete fun of you and your “boyz.” Yo yo common “nigga” common and fuck My white girl ass.