My next sissy bimbo butt toy

Curious as to who sent the bebe flip flops and Adidas socks… My first assumption would be capt’n wanyne, he is OBSESSED with buying Me socks- yet more of a $1k shoe slut then this.


And the invoice is fucked…


ANYWAY – Keep em coming dorks. I want those kitchen items on My wishlist AND that red cock contraption. I’ve got a crazy dildo and glass toy wall shelf that is steadily growing. I want to find that giant black mangina destroyer as a floor piece… Make Me happy, find a link for Me and BUY IT! I know how you are secretly craving to be My next sissy bimbo butt toy. The idea of practicing to one day take a real cock for Me is overpowering and really beginning to swamp your thoughts.  Soon My little whore. For now you need to keep trying to impress Me with whatever means I deem necessary. And today I want those items cleaned off My wishlist. The shiny booty shorts and the tampons too. While you’re at it, buy yourself a box. Sissy girl need to learn to become a woman sooner rather then later.

Friday off to Tampa to use slave andy for some kick boxing. Email Me with requests. I will read them all and chose My favorites to do without charging your freak asses since it’s on such short notice!

Saturday to South Beach.

Getting My vanilla business off and running. Will be fucking floating on money clouds between you little piglets with your sick obsessions and My entrepreneur skillz. Economy tanked My ass.

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