Summer Travel 2014

Unfortunately I will not be attending Fetcon 2014 this year. As much as I would love to spend the weekend hanging out with all my like minded pervert fetish friendly pals, an even sweeter opportunity has been placed before me. Err okay, that’s total bullshit. We made cumdump 100% fully fund Mistress T and my travels of the Greek Islands.

The force is strong with this one…

Funny how she and I are both veterans in the simple life of backpacking travel and yet this whore has not only paid for the whole 2 week romp but has also made sure each island’s travel and accommodation is completely covered. Unfortunately first class was not available without a layover so her and I will have to settle upon business class for out 9 hour stint – NYC to Athens. Stay tuned for (I’m sure) an Instagram and Twitter overload- GO FOLLOW. (Yes, my boo is first class Vancouver to NYC too, btw.)

It’s hard being a spoiled rotten goddess. Yes, I said goddess. I cannot even compare myself to another human being. I breathe and I am paid. I exist. I am. I signed on Skype tonight, the first night in over a month and this happened.

paid I should sign on more often but why bother? ;] I am in such demand it’s mindblowing. I may not be “mainstream” but who needs fame’s annoyances.. I mean notoriety… I mean I will gladly settle upon… heh no, TAKE MY money.

And on a more painful note: thinking about another mutilation. meggerz face I’m an addict, it’s my vice. Either my lip or the opposite nostril. Or both. & my tribute to a lost love. I collect money, memories, and experiences. What do you have to offer? meggerz ass So unless you are contributing you are draining my vibes. smoking-feitsh Unkindly spend and then fuckoff.

4 thoughts on “Summer Travel 2014

  1. Hi Goddess..I am a big fan of you and Mistress T and i spend my summer in Mykonos (relaxing..)I hope you include the island in your trip as it is the most upscale beautiful and fun island to visit..And the beaches are the best..Santorini is not bad but it has the worst beaches in Greece…In case you visit,i would like to meet you if possible at any cost,either for dinner,session or to show you the island that i know so good..
    Thank you

  2. You should contemplate another mutilation, preferably that stinking, feeble diseased pit between your legs as lets face it, a cunt for getting fucked on a piece of shit like you is about as useful as a cunt on a Nun. You and that other pervert whore scumbag t are about as sexy as an open sewer on a hot summers day (and even more full of shit). Why don’t stinking, greedy, malignant vermin like you cunts ever get cancer? I for one fucking hope you do, you malevolent, talentless, ugly reject fuckbag piece of shit. The fact that you can only attract these limp dick fairies in the same way, and for the same reason as flies are attracted to shit says everything there is to say about your pulling power. Your just a feeble, spineless greedy sub moronic, cretinous, imbecilic whore. Yes a fucking cheap piece of shit whore you fucking maggot.

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