Pacific Coast Highway Business Trip

I could be posting screen caps of recent cam sessions knowing how weak and susceptible it renders you but I’d rather torture you with pics of my California vacation.

Since Clipvia opened, there have been rumors circulating that I am the owner. For the record, I do not own Clipvia. However, I’ve been very good friends with Jimmy who is the actual owner for many, many years. We go back to the days of mIRC (I am an internet OG) making him one of my oldest and most trusted friends. Jimmy’s been over worked and underpaid as of late so I decided to give him a surprise visit. He took his first day off in months to spend with me. It was awesome. Just about as awesome as it was driving down PCH on this business trip.

I said goodbyes to Jimmy and had another friend drive me up the fast track from Los Angeles to San Fransisco. We were in a Jeep with the top open. It was fabulous. Spent a few days crashing with friends, doing touristy things… I’ve never been to San Fran before. Come to find out I missed Jasmine Mendez by mere minutes. I got a text asking where I was with a pic of her sitting next to this very bridge.


But as chill as San Fran was, I was ready to make the long haul back to LA. That 11 hours down PCH was breath taking. I’ve been all over the world but I’ve never really played in my own backyard. I’m def going to allow a sub to pay for a longer, more scenic drive in the near future. (We passed tons of ‘camping spas’ along the way. 😉

IMG_5818  IMG_5852  IMG_5899  IMG_5900  IMG_5880

Last month Mexico & Belize. This month California. Next month…who knows. The world is MY oyster.

How Low Can He Go?

wtf did he do?

For those of you unfamiliar with me, this ^ is a low a certain type of male is willing to fall to for my attention. And no I did not tell him to do any of this. I don’t even remember nor care who sent this to me.

Below is tinkle pig aka piggy johnny. I’ve know johnny for quite a few years now. He’s usually all talk (he calls my Niteflirt line and we discuss it) but on the rare occasion I also get paid to watch circus performances like this.

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Piggy johnny hasn’t even see his clip but is convinced he can do better. Up next is the tinkle dance. Oh boy, can’t wait…

After all I’ve experienced, I find it hard to believe I have any respect left for men.

Yet somehow I still do.

If you’re reading this though, you’re not one of them.