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Breast Mindfuck – TOP 50 OVERALL CLIP LIST

This is it, you’ll finally get to cum staring at my bare breasts. You’re stroking and you’re holding out to the very end. I work you up and down, instructing you on how to stroke. I want you to hold out until the very end where I bare it all.  

Jerk Encouragement Buy Now
Price: $5.99
Length: 5 minutes
You’re hard for me, so let’s see it. Pull your cock out and show me. I want to see how I turn you on. I want you to stroke it for me. That’s it, slowly now. Stroke it just as I say, following my instruction. Do it just as I say and wait for the countdown…


No PantiesBuy Now
Price: $8.99
Length: 8 minutes
Imagine his surprise as he slides his hand up my skirt and discovers I’m not wearing any panties. Now picture yourself kneeling under the bar kissing both of our shoes as his fingers caress my pussy. That mental image is all you are allowed to enjoy tonight. You don’t get to feel me, to fuck me. You are only allowed to fantasize about being used by me while another man, with a cock I crave, is pleasuring me.


To Fuck MeBuy Now
Price: $9.99
Length: 8 minutes
You want to feel like a real man, don’t you? You want to feel like you actually have a chance with a woman like me. You wanna pretend like you know how it would feel to fuck me. Don’t you?


Attracted To PantyhoseBuy Now
Price: $8.99
Length: 8 minutes
Why not exploit you over your weakness for pantyhose? I want you to enjoy the tease. Falling weaker and weaker, squeezing it all out to those hose that own your cock.


Fat Wads Of Cash

This is a nice ass.

bubble butt


This is not.losers-fat-ass

This ass is disgusting and so we’re putting chunko on a diet. He’s a cook that obviously doesn’t know much about portion control and I’m going to fix that. Tubby will only be allowed to eat what he cooks while AT WORK, with a severe restriction in calories in order to drop that pudge. You have 30 days to plump up that ass and lose the love handles or else I’m taking my ass away from you.  And in return, every penny saved from no longer needing to purchasing food will go to tributing me and my ass. Aug 6th or else…


In other news, snap snap slave has convinced me that money does in fact grow on trees. He claimed he needed to ask his parents for more money yet somehow managed to blow tribute after tribute and is still begging me to take more.

Cumdump is a “wanna be” cock sucker. The whore craves exposure but knows he isn’t ready. Keep practicing pig, I can’t wait to post you with a cock down your throat while you pay me $100 for every RT.

Oh I love my life and I love my pigs’ money.

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