Here I Come 2015

Hi. I’m snap chatting now.   A tribute of $50 earns you my snapchat id. Email me with the receipt and it’s all yours. Or buy direct with Niteflirt.   Best Quote of the New Year “Got all your clips posted the last two weeks and already seen them twice each. The last two are amazing. Just wish I was alone on NYE with your clips. i will now run to […]


Expose The Loser

Because it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any screen caps of my ‘camscapades’ I’m dedicating a whole blog post to you idiots. If I receive enough comments and/or requests to be blasted on my blog I may decide to turn this into a monthly game of “Expose The Loser.” Also I feel it is necessary to add that I do NOT post screen caps of sessions unless it’s […]


A Little Bit of Louisiana

It all began one pretty quiet evening at a bar. (This is how most epic stories usually being by the way…) I’m a little buzzed and I get a txt from a random number asking if I want to come out to Mexico for Halloween. Of course my initial thought was HELL YES but then uhhh…  who the hell is this inviting me? Now the majority of my contacts were […]



I’m working on it.


Blank Screen of Death

Let’s hope I finally fixed the bug in my blog and it holds out. If so I will start using it again.


Because Who Doesn't Love Bikini Photos

October started out crazy and will only continue to get better. I spent the past few days playing low key in Florida, working on my tan. I think my butt’s getting too big for these bottoms. But I look so good in them… Next stop New Orleans with the girls and then Mexico for Halloween. Details soon.


Black Seamed 'Cuban' Pantyhose

And other goodies will be making their way out of my closet and onto Ebanned. If you don’t have an account with Ebanned and are interested in something such as pantyhose, socks, panties, shoes, etc. read the following very carefully:  I will only be responding to emails, instant msgs or comments to this post accompanied with a $20 tribute that will go towards your purchase. I don’t have the patience to answer […]