Unhung Loser

About a month ago I stumbled across Unhung Hero on Netflix and decided I’d entertain my morbid curiosity. Just as I’d guessed, it was about some loser who’s girlfriend rejected him due to the size of his penis.

Below is the clip that prompted the documentary. He figured that since he was already publically humiliated, why the hell not destroy any last shred of dignity still somewhere lurking deep within him. In my own opinion, he was so psychologically fucked up at this point that he decided it was time to embrace his “short cummings” and thrive on the documentaries ability to bring even more attention to his small penis (sound familiar, anyone?)

*Spoiler Alert*

Throughout the entirety of his journey he never once heard any reassuring words from anyone other than his own family. In the end, he gave up and accepted the fact that he would never be able to please a women. Yet somehow he managed to pick up a new girlfriend… Pffft come on, you and I both know that, that chick has got to be a dominatrix who is seeking her own pleasure by laughing at his tiny prick. A win win.

The moral of my story? A small penis is good for one thing and one thing only :

Public Humiliation

Just look what this one can do. Believe it or not I wasn’t highly amused. Except with the thumb pic, the first one, that was my brilliant idea. The rest were all poses he’s become accustomed to in order to show off his lack of penis size.

“You’re not going to post me? *pulls out cigarette and poses* ”

“Of course not… *click*”  All the while pretending as if my blog this is the only action this tiny cock is ever going to get.  Sigh.

small penis 06Small penis 01 small penis 04Small penis 02small penis 03small penis 05

Gay For (Not Only) Pay

Last night I had a revelation.

Initially I thought gay men turned me on. And of course this isn’t unusual. Most women become aroused by gay porn. Possibly because it appears as if the men involved are actually enjoying themselves. Nothing seems scripted, rehearsed, or over the top ridiculous. I myself have trouble watching conventional porn knowing how much effort goes into getting the right shot, how unrealistic everything looks and sounds, and how uncomfortable most of those damned positions are. But that’s beside my point.

I realized that for me to become aroused it has little to do with the actual man on man interaction and everything to do with being the only driving force behind one straight man’s desire to act in a gay manor for my pleasure.

And here’s an example I can pull from my teenage years. I was too young and naive to realized exactly what I was doing at the time and what it would lead up to but looking back upon this gave me an “ah ha!” moment as to why I am so great at what I do now.

I was about 15 year and hanging out with two of my guy friends. One of whom I knew had a major crush on me. Crush guy and friend wanted beer but had no money. I had the money but wanted something more out of my investment than just sharing a few beers. I knew then as I know now that the money only played a small part in what happened next.

I wanted to see them work for that money. A kiss. Just a small peck on the lips and I would give them enough for a 12 pack. They refused, assuming I’d eventually cave and spot them the cash. I refused knowing they would eventually give in, that all it would take was another push and a few teasing words. I knew crush guy had it bad enough for me that I’d get my way. I understood the power I held over him. He would convince his friend that it was a good idea, that they needed the beer money bad enough to perform an act they would never consider otherwise. And I ultimately knew it wasn’t about the money. The whole mind fuck I contrived seemed like an innocent enough way for them to earn the money but from that day forth I knew this kid would be putty in my hands.

They kissed, I won, we all shared beer. I shit you not.


So you now understand why I enjoy “Forced Bi” humiliation so much. All of this occured to me sooner but last night’s little phone session with Mikey motivated me to share it with the world much as I am sharing his kink with the world. Enjoy:

If the above video doesn’t work click HERE.
Go fetch Mikey
I’ll blog about Greece in the next few days. Too many photos to sort through.

Blackmail, Please!

Boners Make Men Say The Darnedest Things

Blackmail. When asked about upfront ALWAYS means said sub wants as much interaction with you as possible without actually paying and 10 times out of 10 never will.

I’ll try and cut to the chase here but it’s so darned funny. Take note newb ladies. Time ain’t ever free.

This one was a no brainer.

Eric: Hello goddess - I Am interested in blackmail - I am not rich I make about 450 weekly so I don’t know how much of that you would let me keep out of each paycheck - Would that be enough?

*I never responded to that first attempt. I must have been busy or just could have cared less…

First interaction days later:
Eric: Hello goddess Will you blackmail me? - Please ? - Will you blackmail me? - Pretty please - (yn)
Meggerz: you can send tribute
Eric: Yes I can - How much is it weekly?
Meggerz: it’s $50 to even discuss this with you. http://meggerz.com/tribute
Eric: You got yourself a DEAL! - Which way do you like best? - I don’t like bit coin cause my bank flagged my transaction last time I tried to use it (And I care because…)
Meggerz: clipvia - which says so on my site
Eric: Ok sorry didn’t see that I’m on my phone so it might not have shown up

-Second interaction days later::
Eric: Hello goddess
Meggerz: hello
Eric: I’m ready for blackmail I think I grew some balls lol
Meggerz: lovely, go send tribute and I will give a fuck

Third interaction days later::
Eric: Hello goddess
Meggerz: hello
Eric: K just making sure i could get a hold of you I get my residuals mid August I’ll contact you for blackmail then if that’s ok - You can take it all
Meggerz: yeah ok.
Eric: Ok have a nice night I’ll talk to you then - My name is eric so now you have all my info I’m screwed lol
Meggerz: so screwed.
Eric: Lol - Oh I’ll sweeten the deal I live in America now I won’t be able to sleep
Meggerz: oh my.

Also take note that when please is used even once you are wasting your life reading further. A good sub just does.

financial domination at it's finest
$500 amazon giftcard