How Low Can He Go?

wtf did he do?

For those of you unfamiliar with me, this ^ is a low a certain type of male is willing to fall to for my attention. And no I did not tell him to do any of this. I don’t even remember nor care who sent this to me.

Below is tinkle pig aka piggy johnny. I’ve know johnny for quite a few years now. He’s usually all talk (he calls my Niteflirt line and we discuss it) but on the rare occasion I also get paid to watch circus performances like this.

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Piggy johnny hasn’t even see his clip but is convinced he can do better. Up next is the tinkle dance. Oh boy, can’t wait…

After all I’ve experienced, I find it hard to believe I have any respect left for men.

Yet somehow I still do.

If you’re reading this though, you’re not one of them.


Unsolicited Email Pics

Emailing me unsolicited photos (which always include a dick pic… and I spared this post of that eyesore) without tribute will only equate to regrettable consequences.

Upon clicking the send button, I guarantee you will be left with a lot more to worry about than if I actually open your email.

Because I will publicly embarrass you.

You will be left plastered on the front page of my blog, a blog that receives thousands of unique hits daily.

And you are NOT coming down without a lot of convincing.

Oliver will be made the example of how much I hate unsolicited email pics.

WP_20150405_002 WP_20150405_001

Nothing screams stupid louder than a sad & ugly frump-slut. Was your little email wank worth it, Oliver?

But with that being said, my next blog entry will cover my honest thoughts on exposure, exploitation, and blackmail.  An entry that may shock a lot of you.



Mexico & Belize 2015

Beautiful beaches, traveling, and interesting women are things that I love most in life.

So you can see just how difficult it would have been to resist this adventure.

Femdom Vacation

Tulum, Mexico

I’ll spare you the details and I’ll even be so kind as to let you fantasize about what goes on when 7 hot dominant women share a vacation suite…
You are welcome.


Caye Caulker, Belize

But the highlight of my trip was definitely flying over The Blue Hole… not because it was some epic sight (although pretty effin out of the ordinary) but because I’m normally only a little terrified of being trapped inside of a tin can controlled by someone other than myself.


Smile Meg! You’re about surrender all control.


Flying first / business class is an easy job. I show up, I’m given as many free drinks as I want, and then I lay back to relax and enjoy my ride. Yet surrendering all control to a teeny puddle jumper… that is a totally different story.

But because I love torturing myself so, I insisted upon this excursion.


Helicopter ride over Grand Canyon/Vegas & 6 seater over The Nazca Lines, Peru.

So what have I taken away from this horrific adventure? The desire to take flying lessons of course! You’ll soon be addressing me as Captain Meg. How hot is that? ;D

Oh my life, never a dull moment.

viva mexico

Viva Mexico!