I’m working on it.


Blank Screen of Death

Let’s hope I finally fixed the bug in my blog and it holds out. If so I will start using it again.


Because Who Doesn't Love Bikini Photos

October started out crazy and will only continue to get better. I spent the past few days playing low key in Florida, working on my tan. I think my butt’s getting too big for these bottoms. But I look so good in them… Next stop New Orleans with the girls and then Mexico for Halloween. Details soon.


Black Seamed 'Cuban' Pantyhose

And other goodies will be making their way out of my closet and onto Ebanned. If you don’t have an account with Ebanned and are interested in something such as pantyhose, socks, panties, shoes, etc. read the following very carefully:  I will only be responding to emails, instant msgs or comments to this post accompanied with a $20 tribute that will go towards your purchase. I don’t have the patience to answer […]


Girlfriend's Pink Panties

***PAID*** So ya want to be blackmailed but “NO FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!” OOPS. And then this happened.


Greece: Chapter 3 - The Foot Slut

I am going to jump ahead to chapter 3 but for the time being it’s only appropriate for me to begin my story of Greece with the mention of cumump. Most of you are aware of and are excruciatingly jealous of cumdump… which, I might add baffles my mind. Who in their right mind would be jealous of a cock craving, pay pig whore? (Although sometimes I do forget the caliber of ‘men’ I deal with.) One should only […]


Unhung Loser

About a month ago I stumbled across Unhung Hero on Netflix and decided I’d entertain my morbid curiosity. Just as I’d guessed, it was about some loser who’s girlfriend rejected him due to the size of his penis. Below is the clip that prompted the documentary. He figured that since he was already publically humiliated, why the hell not destroy any last shred of dignity still somewhere lurking deep within him. […]


Gay For (Not Only) Pay

Last night I had a revelation. Initially I thought gay men turned me on. And of course this isn’t unusual. Most women become aroused by gay porn. Possibly because it appears as if the men involved are actually enjoying themselves. Nothing seems scripted, rehearsed, or over the top ridiculous. I myself have trouble watching conventional porn knowing how much effort goes into getting the right shot, how unrealistic everything looks and sounds, and […]


Blackmail, Please!

Boners Make Men Say The Darnedest Things Blackmail. When asked about upfront ALWAYS means said sub wants as much interaction with you as possible without actually paying and 10 times out of 10 never will. I’ll try and cut to the chase here but it’s so darned funny. Take note newb ladies. Time ain’t ever free. This one was a no brainer. Eric: Hello goddess – I Am interested in blackmail – I am […]


Summer Travel 2014

Unfortunately I will not be attending Fetcon 2014 this year. As much as I would love to spend the weekend hanging out with all my like minded pervert fetish friendly pals, an even sweeter opportunity has been placed before me. Err okay, that’s total bullshit. We made cumdump 100% fully fund Mistress T and my travels of the Greek Islands. Funny how she and I are both veterans in the simple […]