Douche bag is crying out for attention so here, let Me give it to you.
After being buzzed numerous times and sent msgs like this
I decided to BLOCK 

Princess, i just wanted to let you know that im not your bitch anymore. Princess Shimmy has dominated me in any and every way that you have not. Thank you for letting me be a bitch for you. i loved serving you, but my life belongs to her now. Goodbye Princess.

P.S. she is a very generous princess. i think you would make a great bitch for her too. 🙂 just a little fyi


P.S. Anyone who can put up with your 101 emails a day deserves you.

4 thoughts on “Wanker

  1. Wow what a fucking loser. I can not believe he sent you a photo of her feet and told you to bow to them, she should be ashamed to even be associated with scum like that. I know I would be if one of MY ‘completely owned’ (as he put it) slaves was doing that. Ha.. well looks like he got the attention he wanted and now all of us know what kind of douche he is.. good luck to him ever finding anyone to give him the time of day again. Idiot.

  2. I do not “own” him and I barely associate with this person. He is mentally unstable.
    Do not take the words of a random loser as fact. I do not have My owned bitches message random Dommes telling them to submit to Me. That is just utterly ridiculous.
    I do not know what he is trying to accomplish by doing this. I would rather if people just brought this situation to My attention directly over Twitter or email, rather than post a blog about it.

  3. his words are really disgusting ,it shows how much he feel’s angry and disappointed for not having a chance with You.i was reading Your posts for long time and i knew from it and You said that You don’t accept any slave ,You choose the faithful ones ,the ones that give without wanting in return, he should knew that,any slave want’s to be a slave for a Princess should read Her posts for some time ,not send a 100 msg for 100 Mistress and the one that answer will be his Mistress.
    i apologize from Your Highness for this stupid slave that interrupted and wasted some of Your precious time.
    with slavery

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