hos and mos

I want the public’s opinion.

Does Chicago ‘Mo Mikey deserve a photo of My Man’s fat cock spilling out of the thong ‘Mo Mikey bought him?

I’ll cut you a break faggot, if 3 people say YES it’s all yours to wank and wank and gargle and drool over…


If I get at least 1 comment saying NO, you have to call and beg Matt to re-earn a photo.

Cock suckers gotta earn their keep around here, ya hear?

In other news, Slut in Training found God. Huge shocker when 3 days later he was back begging to burn the bible. dumb whore

Did I mention his turn ons included sniffing his mothers used panties? mmmm

Oh and ‘Audrey’ & I just adores Our new pairs of shoes Captn!

L.A.M.B. heels and Naughty Monkey boots! YUM


Now give ‘Audrey’ Her big smooch and thank Her for allowing you to buy these amazing shoes!