FUCK 2020!

Seriously though, it was a pretty damm lucrative year for me though. Probably one of my best ever. Which is exactly why you want to be included in finishing it off with me with a BANG! 💥

I’ve tried sending a very special coupon code out on iWantMeggerz.com but their system seems to be down and has been for a while now. I’ve got a lot of hot ptv content I’ve been attempting to send out and apparently only half (if not LESS) of you are receiving any. Head on over to my store and enter the code “Fuck2020” and let’s finish this year by fucking it together.

So with the above being said about ptvs, from now on (or at least the time being) I want my boys to know my most preferred platform for contact is OnlyFans.com/meggerz – I check my msgs daily unlike anywhere else. This does not mean I am on call there, but you can pay for my undivided attention when my schedule permits.

I am also very reliably available on Sextpanther.com/Princess-Meggerz – I can be texted 24/7 and when I am available, it’s the quickest and easiest way to receive a reply from me. I also accept phone calls here but my preferred platform is Niteflirt.com/PrincessMeggerz

And I have a FREE onlyfans page Onlyfans.com/meggerz_free where I plan to offer some exclusive content and contests. Follow and like all my posts. My newest clips will also be available for purchase on both my OF accounts. I PREFER this platform as I receive the highest payout. Stars also pays out in my favor stars.avn.com/meggerz/media (you can also follow me here if you prefer over OF because I post the exact same content.)

I understand this is a lot to digest, especially with your blood in your little brain right now but I am trying to make this as EASY and as straightforward for you to be in contact with me as possible.

Clips will be on a less erratic schedule now, moving forward I will have a new release out every Friday and once more throughout the week. Be sure to check each week for hot new content. And finally, I am doing a BIG CLIP SHOOTING BLOWOUT! Banging as many as I can out over the next few weeks so I can take a much needed spring/summer break. If you are interested in a custom before it’s too late, check out meggerz.com/clips

Now here is a hot photo. HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!

meggerz naked

Adventures in Findom

Today’s Findom Lesson: Do your Research aka Fin-vestigating

I sent out a free pic on Niteflirt today and boy wouldn’t you have guessed it, I got lots of replies. My favorite one was from ‘reeperbahn’ who sent me lots of pics of money with this super intriguing msg, “trying to make it till dec 1st putting a 100 a day away in a pot. if i mess up and blow my load before ,the pot is yours. . since you tease me often, and edge me and leave me with blue balls , i figured id try some edging with you. Im attaching some hot pics to turn you on:) my cock is locked tight and balls are blue just like you like.”

Now me being me (always eager to jump on any opportunity to work extra hard for money I will never see) I decided to do a little investigating into this easy money and noticed he has been my customer since 2015 and spent absolutely NO money on any of the 609 ptvs I’ve sent him. So you can only imagine my surprise in receiving this promising proposition to the only FREE photo I’ve ever sent out an how quickly I jumped on his enticing offer to make him blow in order to earn what’s in that pot.

OnlyFans of Meggerz

If you enjoy(ed) my Instagram (which now thanks to all the new rules and regulations has been terminated due to violating their TOS), interacting with me on Twitter, and want to take advantage of an easy way to serve me, join me on OnlyFans.

interact with meggerz on onlyfans


Ladies, if you  prefer to make 80% commission on all signups and tributes plus a pay-per-view feature (vs 60% clip site sales) AND a live cam feature, JOIN ONLYFANS and start making cash today! – I’ve even created a more in depth and detailed post for those of you who need a little help, encouragement, and understand of how it all works HERE.

Miss Me

If you follow my twitter, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been pretty scarce lately. Don’t get your slutty panties in a bunch. I’m not going anywhere. The good news is I’ve recently bought a new home and it’s in the renovation works. The bad news is that my “work studio” space is also included in the renovation and it’s moving a lot slower than anticipated. I planned to be in already and it looks as if it’s going to be another month and some change. Hoping 100% by the end of November. So with that being said, shooting custom clips is tough and will happen less often than usual. And cam will pretty much be nonexistent. Phone lines will possibly be on in the mornings but my weekends and evenings are off limits to you bitches. Want more of my time? Buy my clips or join one of my fan clubs, Only Fans or AVN Stars.  (Both are identical in content.)

And I can’t lie. I’m pretty bummed it’s taking longer than expected. My creative juices are flowing and I’m jonesing for my next fuck you up fetish fix. But I know as much as miss playing the game, you boys miss me more