More Idiots

More stupidities. I WAS OFFLINE YOU MORON.

stephen.hughes91 Princess, I just bought your id or screename on niteflirt
stephen.hughes91 is it possible to begoin the process?
stephen.hughes91 hello?
stephen.hughes91 Princess, are you available?
stephen.hughes91 Princess?
stephen.hughes91 Hello
stephen.hughes91 Ok
stephen.hughes91 I’ve tried
stephen.hughes91 Jesus
stephen.hughes91 Princess Meggerz
stephen.hughes91 I must have the wrong screename
stephen.hughes91 Is there something I’m doing wrong?
stephen.hughes91 Should I tribute you?
stephen.hughes91 I sent a tribute Your highness
stephen.hughes91 please


Anywho- I’ve got some news I may end up posting this evening.

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