Spoiled Bratty Princess Demands

Piggy Justin, I only want:

for now. I don’t want to destroy your wallet considering you have the rest of your life to spoil and obey me. Snap Snap – I expect it NOW.

Wait. Did I really just say I didn’t want to destroy your wallet and actually have mercy on you?

Yeah, I did. Because it’s more amusing to watch you slowly suffer my demands than to take- take- take and have you cowering in fear. Request that 3rd loan and work harder brown nosing your stupidly submissive boss. He’s a gluten for sexy white bitches as well (or so I hear). Suck cock and earn *my* raise. I’ve got wants and you’re the pig who’s fulfilling them.

Or else I’ll dump you.

$426 and counting.

spoiled amazon wishlist princess

Another Money Binge From Piggy Justin

wholefoods giftcards

Piggy needs to send more gift cards!

Oh pig, I want more Whole Foods gift cards too. I won’t demand these as I’d prefer them to arrive as a surprise gift. Something to bring a smile to my lips while opening my mail.

And the rest of you eager beavers with money in hand, feel free to beat piggy justin to the punch. I don’t particularly care who buys any of this for me.  In fact, I’d love to have piggy justin come complaining to me that another financial sub beat him to the punch. Watch him cry a little for not earning more than I require.

Oh this post is all about YOU piggy justin cuz you’re such a fucking attention whore.

meggerz in control

I want it all, NOW.


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