Shoes Toes Feets

Princess FeetLet’s just say little Miss karma is on My side. Puppy poo poo eats a pair of shoes and look what arrives the next day. Plus 3 more pair are on their way as far as I am aware. Boop ba doop. *twirl* and here, there, everywhere shoes appear.

FedEx arrived at 10:45am and I woke up to a knock knock knock on My door… I answer in jammie jams and I am greated with, “You’re the best things I’ve laid eyes on all morning.” *giggle*

Capt’n footslut is working it. This other little footfreak better keep the fuck up.


Can’t you tell I am in a fabulous mood? Shopping at Tampa International Mall makes Me a happy Princess.

shoe whore

shoe slut

And for some fun…




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