Who the FUCK Owns $1300 Shoes? I DO.

Tonight little Capt’n Sock Washer truly outdid himself. ONE PAIR OF $1300 Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on top of more than $500 worth of shoes and dresses. SPOILED. PRINCESS. I love it. you LOVE it.

And he even admitted it, whatever I want – I get. Capt’n is truely the little gem shining below My toes. Tomorrow My little guy, I get to see what you hide. ;]
Tomorrow My Nikes arrive? It’s a big day for the both of Us.

I can’t wait to post My gifts and rock your cock.

Love ya WaynaPichu ;]

Chilly, you have been completely replaced. Care to fix your foul dribble spit licks?

Dear Dumbasses ~ The World Is MINE

Hello Danny. Check your fucking email or kiss your chances at any video and/or panty/sock/spitty dribble/gum package goodbye you perverted little fucking freak.

RG I prefer the HEELS but it’s your overpriced video, you’ll figure it out… I have added the both to the WISHLIST.

Capt’n Sock Washer
– Fuck yea for new Nikes, Fuck yea for disco ;]

nigs, jigs, and feet.

Fuck $35 amazon gift cards from broke sand niggers working on daddies camel farm. I’ve got bigger sand rats to fry.


“Sand Nigger’s New Religion…
Fuck all that jibber jabber they spoon fed your mushy towel covered brain while growing up.

Bow down facing Mecc…Meggerz feet and worship your ONE TRUE GOD.”

Just for the exchanging of a few lines…


and then for the video…


That’s what I’m talking about you fucking burnt cock bitches! Fuck your pathetic existence and bow down to My feet.

On a whiter note, Capt’n Sock Washer’s shoes have gotten Me quite a few much deserved comments. EVERYONE LOVED My Guess sandals. “Excuse Me but I LOVE YOUR SHOES” all night long. haha

foot bitches worship my sandals

And the Etnies I LOVE. *dance*dance*

kicking ball sacs

your little stank washable treat will be sent out tuesday ;]