Goodies & Ass Go Hand in Hand

Besides collecting My ever flowing goodies off amazon, helping sissy whores super glue their hand to their cock (lol), and watching the cash roll in, life has been pretty uh rainy. This Florida weather is ruining My tan and out door fun! Really considering a change. School starts on the 24th, maybe a quickie holiday down to South Beach… Then back to the grind.

picture-69 picture-70

Just a few treats that have arrived. I am expecting a pair of L.A.M.B shoes, 2 BCBG pumps, red Jessica Simpson pumps, Bronx sexy black boots, and of course a pair of stunningly gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti from My obedient little Capt’n toe kisser. SPOILED SPOILED SPOILED FEET and I LOVE IT! And another cute dress, sandals, hose etc etc. you losers keep spending with those little heads, it’s more enjoyable that way.

Then head on over to My clips4sale and scoop up My Ass Owns your Cash video along with every other last clip on the list. Delete them, buy them all again, celebrate your Princess and Her perfecness, then go crawl back into your holes.


Oh and by the way, it’s time My car got some new tires put on it. Which one of you piggies is going to msg Me first, ready to pay the bill?

Cash Makes My Pussy Wet


Well I was planning on keeping up with a few of you like the annoying little dingleberries that you are but… why bother?

Ms. TanLine Cumdump came through like a dick sucking champ and covered spending costs.

I leave Tuesday for South America giving you losers with just a few more days of Meg time. Eat em up fuckers.


Oh and do you know how silly I felt today at the post office? The guy kept coming back with more and more boxes, then asked something along the lines of how many I was expecting. I told him I wasn’t sure. Then he asked what was inside one cuz it was so heavy. Again, I wasn’t sure. He suggest drunk late night shopping, maybe?  I said, “you have no idea” and left.  hahahaaaaaaa