Brainwashing little minions like you into My game is effortless. you find My voice hypnotic, My body irresistible, and My mind quite more powerful then first expected. The effectiveness of My ways was once shocking to you but it is now something you have grown hungry for. Desperate for more, you stalk My every move in hopes I will throw you a bone.
And here it is, your downfall.. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

I have dabbled in hypno before but this is guaranteed proven to drive you right into My control .

Gift updates… Capt’n Waynie did good. Love the ‘Gaga’ shoes. Cuck sent the GC and some loser traveling Asia bought the lace up boots. Guess who bought the outfit. Same freak who bought the Kuran.

ta tbtctdte


Oh yea, Hi richie!
Expect an email shortly.


Tomorrow is footbitchdon‘s first step into heaven.

Last AND LEAST- Cumdump – Monday morning you dogshit. Reread My email over and over, I want it to make you hot, I want your little clitty to throb to My words. that whore cunt drooling over Me. Take your viagra to that one.

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