Jet Setting

These past two months were jam packed with arousing adventure and loads of play but I seriously need a break! September IS reserved for much needed ME time!

Princess Monique and I are getting together in a little over a week to film a few short clips but I’m going to lump that into “ME” time as I am looking forward to partying with her after the ‘work’ is done. ;] If you are interested in customs, you know what to do…

So there was the ladies retreat to Las Vegas late July. The start of my summer shabang! Go read about it. Next up was Fetcon in Tampa. This year def had a different vibe to it but nonetheless, great to see familiar faces and meeting plenty of new. But I won’t bore you with the details… (click the photos for the full version)

Fetcon Meggerz Sarah

Love My DiAvola!  In case you’re wondering, she was attending an after party, I was not. Very vanilla Meggerz.

Spent TOO MUCH time with these 2… <3

Ceara Lynch Meggerz Mistress T Fetcon

Ceara Lynch & Mistress T
Photo cred Mistress T.


Spent TOO MUCH time with these 2… <3 and a lot of time on that couch.

Ivy Sinn, Mistress T, Myself, Sarah Diavola


Mistress T, Sarah’s Ass, Me
Photo cred Mistress T.


Ashley fires MistressT Alexandra Snow Ceara Lynch Clips4sale

Ashley Fires, Mistress T, Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, Meggerz @ the Clips4sale booth.
Photo cred Mistress T.


Amadahy, Ceara, Meggerz, Snow, Sarah Blake, Justine Joli, Larkin, Mistress T & Evelyn Milano.


Finally met Astro Kittie!


Amadahy pantyhose pretzel Learned some new positions from Goddess Amadahy.


Humiliation POV small penis big dildo

And scored this fine specimen for


Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, Cheyene Jewell Meggerz Pajamas

Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, Cheyenne Jewell Meggerz ready for the Pajama Party hosted by Alexandra Snow!
Photo cred Seraphim’s photo.


Meggerz Shauna Ryanne Fetcon

And the photos wouldn’t be complete without me and my girl Shauna Ryanne.
Photo cred Kenny Lee.

I’d also like to mention I shared a bed with Star and was NOT disappointed… we all know I get around ;] Amiee Cambridge is a brat with a brain. We chatted biology over Kettle soda’s pool side. Chi is my nigg[a]er. And Goddess XTC  and I both share the desire to let the stupid die. Slowly.

Flew back to NYC for a week to unpack only to pack again for LAX. I’m a jet setter. I live the life. Oh and did I mention 2 of the 3 trips were paid for by the Cumdump? Throw in Cali’s expenses next payment. It’s better for you this way. Neglected for a week and paying dearly for it.

LA / The OC / San Diego was well worth the trip. Got to see an old friend, cruise around a bit to good music, and throw some ideas around.

Meggerz Sunset

Dress looks familiar Piggie Justin?
Rooftop wedding in San Diego.

I didn’t take many photos, which is usual hence Mistress T’s name in all the photo cred. I did, however drive an Aston Martin and cruise around in a Ferrari. I’m a car snob so this made me happy.

aston martin

Meggerz Pacific Coast Highway

ferrari's make me wet

I’ve saved the best for last. If you’ve made it thus far then you are on the in. I have some really big plans I will be attempting to execute within the next few months.  No I will not tell you. Stay tuned.

Fetishcon Model Lineup

Fetishcon Model Lineup

I am going to make this as short, sweet, and to the point as possible. Will be (most likely) shooting with ALL these ladies and if you would like a custom I suggest you email me for further detail. ( or  Include a short description so I can ensure it will be possible. Payment accepted can be found HERE. Be warned, below will probably put your cock into overload.

Roxie Rae - Switch

Roxie Rae is a switch. In other words, I can do dominate her.

Sinn Sage – Loves to be naked.


Allegra Dominatrix

Allegra – Open to requests.


Cheyenne Jewel Racial

Cheyenne Jewel – racial domination & switch.


Evelyn Religious Play

Evelyn Milano does racial AND religious. A+ ass.


Amadahy Fetish

Amadahy – Great at domination.


Amiee Cambridge Fetish

Amiee Cambridge – open to requests.


snobby alexa domination

Snobby Alexa – open to requests.


astro kittie fetish

Astro Kittie – Open to requests.


Mistress T Ceara Lynch Alexandra Snow

Mistress T & Alexandra Snow – racial amongst other requests & Ceara Lynch open to requests

Fingers crossed I can pull off this much shooting. Dominatrix overload. Also, Sarah Diavola, Ninja Jason, Star Nine, Shauna Ryanne, Scarlet Lush, & others may be available upon request. or

Say YES To The Dress!

Let Me begin by stating more items are on the way and as I type this even more are being ordered. Piggie Justin is trapped in my ongoing cycle of mindfuck. Will it ever end? Of course not. Why would I let it?

So our “theme” last week was “Say YES To The Dress.” My closet is already bursting at the seams with cute and expensive dresses but it’s never enough now is it, Piggy Justin? And after receiving my invite to Alexandra Snow’s Fetcon PJ footie party, (yes, I had to ask what it was too: “It’s a party where you wear your most awesome/obnoxious footed pjs. Probably happening in our suite ’cause that’s typical.”) Piggie Justin jumped on buying footed jammies for me. He didn’t even give me time to assign it to him. Literally seconds later I receive a DM on twitter begging for the honor.  My fetcon attire is complete… b/c  I already own more than enough fetish themed leather, latex, and lace to have my luggage just barely under the 50lb weight limit.

So without further ado, let’s view the collection!

spoiled hot bitch

Meggerz spoiledfinancial domination

findom meggerzfemdom meggerz

findoms bestgoddess ass worship

Oh and those pants, I couldn’t help myself. Maybe we should have named the binge “Say YES to Meggerz” but ya know… ;P

Addicted for life

This HUGE reward was promised to Piggie Justin and I always keep my word. That, and the fact that I know the more recognition Piggie Justin receives the harder he works. It’s clearly a win/win situation. The rest of you, try and keep up. No need to be jealous of my piggie. Just giving you the encouragement to work A LOT more diligently, keeping your goddess satisfied.

And just to show Piggie Justin up, (clearly because it’s funny to me) Cumdump dropped this little show of appreciation on me the other day. Oh gee. I love Me. spoiled findom

So, I plan on adding a list of ladies I’m shooting with next week at FetishCon tomorrow or Sunday.  Check back if you are interested. I am also looking for subs to use in clips. Email me if you wish to apply. Contact @

And finally, I wanted to write a little bit about what I’ve been up to this past week. I actually ended up meeting Limie in the flesh. He’s in love. ;] And another foot sub who’s been following me for the past 3 years. Interesting stories I could tell. But again, I’ll save that for another date. It’s a friday night and I’ve got places to be. I am a very popular princess after all.