Princess Meggerz – The Entertainer

It’s quite amazing how many of you think of Me as an “entertainer” as in, asking why I am not on sites such as

One sub consumer put it to Me like this,

joeb1tch: are you on MyFreeCams?
princessmeggerz: no
joeb1tch: do You know that site? (it isn’t free), heard good things about it, i mean from the girls point of view
princessmeggerz: not interested
joeb1tch: ok just thought you might be cause some of the girls make a shit ton
princessmeggerz: I already make a shit ton and dont entertain you fucks doing it

He was baffled as to why I was being rude to him as he was “just trying to help.”

Now this may come as a surprise to most of you, considering the market nowadays is flooded with sexy women who claim to be a female domme and offer multiple submissive services as long as the cash is right, but I do NOT sit on cam and work for tips. Sure I “work” as in:

I am here in front of My computer – taking your money. 

And no, this is not Me taking a hit on those in the industry who make their money camming, entertaining, being adorable/sex/hot etc. (I enjoy looking at  just as much as you do. I even have friends on the site.)  I just don’t entertain for cash.

-So before you come at Me asking mindless questions, which a lot of you seem to be really well at, READ My site. Quite possibly I am in need of a revamp. But more possibly and probably the case,  you are all idiots.