you know you’re pathetic when…

you know you’re pathetic when…

it’s not enough to just buy My clips. you send Me an email glorifying your horny neediness…

Honoured Goddess Princess Meggerz,
thank YOU so much for YOUR perfect beauty….

YOUR german loser fag

Your credit card was billed $202.71 from Tropical Productions.
Clip(s) you have ordered:
Racial Ass Worship
Forced Intox

And just the fact that he ALWAYS buys out My store like this (and I am sure every other store) makes him an even bigger reject. No one cares you buy clips, loser. you’re just another nobody who can’t get Our attention. Don’t waste My time sending Me bullshit emails like this unless they are accompanied with tribute.

you know you’re pathetic when…

you send Me "artwork" and expect Me to give you a punishment for doing a shitty job. Nope, all I’ll do is tell you that you did a shitty job and you have to keep sending Me more until I am impressed. Rubbing yourself in shit and being a forced faggot is only a perk to those who can afford My abuse.

you know you’re pathetic when…

you send Me photos of your small ass tic tac dick. I know you sent them out to EVERYONE with a pulse in hopes of an insult.
*WARNING* this is highly sickening;

nice cock shahar


you know you’re pathetic when…

you email Me 101 times asking when I will post the clip of you wearing My dress eating My foot dust. Too bad I have to wait on you to resend Me the link or it would be posted, miss donna.

you know you’re pathetic when…
I could go on and on but I think we get the idea.

Douche of the Day

Taking photos of random friends feet is NOT a good idea.
Just ask SIT who allegedly got kicked out of the house and ditched in a Mc Donald’s parking lot.
He was so drunk that he can’t remember exactly what was going on, only that he is a loser who needs AA and wants to kill himself.

So tell Me, were these feet worth it?


I think they are pretty fucking raunchy.



More goodies arrived in the mail today. More on their way.

Capt’n Sock Washer has been doing an excellent job keeping up with My wants. And for that, My treat to you has been sent out today. I cannot wait to watch you suck those worn stank socks spotless…mmm mmm mmmmm Princess Meggerz fuckolicios!

Shopping Loser, check your inbox, My list of demands has been sent.  FILL IT.

pkgs dog8

I’ve got a  PO BOX finally so all you pathetic sappy letter writing retards can now send Me all your dream fantasies along with a cash tribute.

Friday We move into a bigger house *yay*, I’m red as a fucking fireball *ouch*, and I’ll be around this evening to wallet fuck HARDCORE.

Princess Meggerz boobs
You losers will be feeling the burn worse then I am.