Tay Tay and Slimmie

Spent the weekend hanging out with 2 super hotties. Taylor Raz, Danica Logan, and My Amazing Self.

Taylor Raz Danica Logan Meggerz

Sometimes I abuse My friends. ;]


 Meggerz Makes Tay Smell

Tay is dropping off some files in her bosses office and she’s not in there! Tay quickly goes thru her bosses drawers and finds a pair of her well soiled used pantyhose! Tay is so excited as she loves her boss, Meggerz, super stinky pantyhose feet. UH OH! Tay hears footsteps and jumps under the desk to hide. But as soon as Meggerz sits down she bumps into Tay and catches her! Tay pleads with her boss, “PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME!!!” Meggerz says, “We’ll see about that! Here, smell my feet right here in front of me!” Meggerz smashes her stocking toes and feet hard up against Tay’s face. Tay’s nose is bright red after a few minutes from the aggressive foot smothering. Tay begins to show that she really LOVES this. Meggerz isn’t sure what to think of all this. Tay is a , HORRIBLE assistant and this would be the perfect chance to fire her… but it might be nice to have a foot stool and foot slave!!! Meggerz lets Tay keep her pantyhose, and her job. What a great boss!

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And sometimes I make My friends abuse you.

Knife and Scissors


Fantasizing about your cock being hacked off by a beautiful girl is so perverted. But it gives you a stiffy. You day dream about the size of the knife, the glimmer of the shiny blade reflecting in her eyes, the sharp pain. One swift swing or a dull blade rubbing away at your cock’s base.
Oh and then the options of what to do with it once’s it’s been removed.

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Danica Dick Tease

danica logan clips

you like Danica’s little pink lingerie set? Well of course you do! It’s super sexy to tease in and it really gets your dick going. But slow down there buddy. you jerk it when Danica allows it. Even when it’s the most tempting of times your hands are where she commands them.

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Penectomy – The Chopped Cock?!

LOVE the boots Waynie boi!! Now I need some socks :]

And what happened to My little credit card clean out subbie? Love My VS bras! Cute how 3 bras can cost over $150 but well worth it. My boobies deserve the best.

Also I’ve added a ton of ASS CLIPS to My CLIPVIA store. BUY BUY BUY and then send tribute. you know the drill.

And My newest PENECTOMY clip-

you found some penectomy porn on my computer,  and now you know my deep dark fantasy is to have my cock chopped  off. You talk me into trying some fantasy play with scissors during which you talk about different  circumstance that would make you do it to me or any other guy all the  different ways and weapons you could use, soft or hard, and what you  might do with it afterwards. Maybe teasing that I can have it back  to be sewn back on after if I promise to make good my ways,  …before ‘accidentally’ flushing it, putting it in a blender, feed  it to a dog etc.
I’d like you to talk about a big cock getting cut off, and how you  think it’s strange for a guy to fantasise about having his dick  chopped off, … I chop his cock off ok?

Been pretty preoccupied with Vanilla bidniz.

ULTRA with Vikki in 2 weeks – Miami! Who’s sending the party ca$h??