I Want Meggerz

Well well well, would you lookie here:
i want clips

I’ve got the top selling clip (and the 4th & 7th) on IWantClips. And what I find the most amusing out of all of this is that I filmed my “Easing You Into Blackmail” clip series back in Sept 2011! I’m banking off the past while I sleep!

Now it’s time to open all these sucker’s emails and destroy their lives…



Blackmail, Please!

Boners Make Men Say The Darnedest Things

Blackmail. When asked about upfront ALWAYS means said sub wants as much interaction with you as possible without actually paying and 10 times out of 10 never will.

I’ll try and cut to the chase here but it’s so darned funny. Take note newb ladies. Time ain’t ever free.

This one was a no brainer.

Eric: Hello goddess – I Am interested in blackmail – I am not rich I make about 450 weekly so I don’t know how much of that you would let me keep out of each paycheck – Would that be enough?

*I never responded to that first attempt. I must have been busy or just could have cared less…

First interaction days later:
Eric: Hello goddess Will you blackmail me? – Please ? – Will you blackmail me? – Pretty please – (yn)
Meggerz: you can send tribute
Eric: Yes I can – How much is it weekly?
Meggerz: it’s $50 to even discuss this with you. http://meggerz.com/tribute
Eric: You got yourself a DEAL! – Which way do you like best? – I don’t like bit coin cause my bank flagged my transaction last time I tried to use it (And I care because…)
Meggerz: clipvia – which says so on my site
Eric: Ok sorry didn’t see that I’m on my phone so it might not have shown up

-Second interaction days later::
Eric: Hello goddess
Meggerz: hello
Eric: I’m ready for blackmail I think I grew some balls lol
Meggerz: lovely, go send tribute and I will give a fuck

Third interaction days later::
Eric: Hello goddess
Meggerz: hello
Eric: K just making sure i could get a hold of you I get my residuals mid August I’ll contact you for blackmail then if that’s ok – You can take it all
Meggerz: yeah ok.
Eric: Ok have a nice night I’ll talk to you then – My name is eric so now you have all my info I’m screwed lol
Meggerz: so screwed.
Eric: Lol – Oh I’ll sweeten the deal I live in America now I won’t be able to sleep
Meggerz: oh my.

Also take note that when please is used even once you are wasting your life reading further. A good sub just does.

financial domination at it's finest
$500 amazon giftcard

No hope for the stupid.

Richard Lewis, you ARE DUMB.
amazon money

I guess I *should* remove your photo and info now but I really could care less. I mean idiots like you deserve to suffer.




As goes for the rest of you who sent in your info, I suppose I will take advantage of your stupidity as well.

Here goes- this blog will now become active again http://princessmeggerz.blogspot.com


And round of applause for almost making Me wet tonight subby.

pay mail domination

I always win.

Slob On The Dildo Sissy Fag

Wimpy Chicago Mikey was a good sissy and paid his humiliating dildo slobbing tax.

Sucking that dildo for Me over the phone always gets his little clitty hard. Right Mikey? But we wouldn’t want what’s her face, you know, “the friend girl,” to find out about it now would we?

And filling out that blackmail application made it even more exciting, right sissy? Now I have the power to take what’s Mine when your clitty starts to throb. You can’t control yourself when horny tingles start  Slobbering a dildo for Me is the only way to “relieve the pressure.”

Who else want’s to play My little blackmail game?

Hi uh Yea

I want to see more sales.

I want to see more cash. I deserve every last cent.

Oh and the “Girlfriend Project” is going VERY well. Some desperate dipshit on Niteflirt just bought the whole lot. Will have to take more photos.

Jason S. owes another $100 or I post and call wifey. Wishlist bitch better make My xmas demands happen or it’s posting with his shit too ;]

XOXO fucksluts!