Please Kick Me in the Nuts

Ball Busting

The most accurate depiction of ball busting as pertaining to my story is an excerpt from Urban Dictionary;

…increasingly popular phenomenon called “ball-busting”; an activity where women kick men in the testicles for the pleasure of either one or both of the parties involved. In the consenting act of ball-busting the above mentioned endorphin release in the male is sometimes made greater by the psychological effect viz; – that “otherwise caring women have knowingly caused pain to my sex organs for their own pleasure, despite knowing that it could damage me for life”, – ergo the act is a sexual one.

! Disclaimer ! If you own a pair and have a weak stomach, I would suggest you tune out now.

double domme ballbusting

My First Time Ball Busting

…not my first time simply kicking a dude in the nuts. I discovered this weak spot in boys at a young age and I’m convinced it’s the end all be all as to why if there was a God, she would have to be a woman.

My first time ball busting was back in 2010 during a trade shoot with Slave Andy. If you are curious as to how it went, you can purchase my ball busting clips with him and others here. My first time was nonsexual, business as usual. It only took a very small bit of convincing that I could kick as hard as I wanted and it wouldn’t effect the shoot. Andy was a pro… and that’s really not something to brag about.


Pro Tip: Use closed toed shoes. The top of your foot will bruise like a mother fucker.

Anyway, the reason for my post is to tell my story of a true submissive. I was ball busting for HER pleasure.

Please Kick Me in the Nuts

He begged me. We were laying on my bed in my Brooklyn apartment debating on where to have dinner and I was sure I had heard him wrong.

“Come again?”

“Please, kick me in the nuts. I’ve seen the look of pure pleasure and excitement on your face as you’ve kicked other subs in their nuts and I want to be the one to bring you that much joy.”

He was a longterm online financial sub of mine who had paid me thousands upon thousands over the years and he just so happened to be in NYC on business so I decided I’d meet up with him. I’d give him a chance. And as fate would have it, we hit it off and developed a deeper relationship over the course of his stay. Spending the evening in my bedroom or his, debating on where to go to dinner had become a common occurrence.

For the record, he was not into pain at all. Pain of any sort did not turn him on. He did not want me to just simply kick him in the nuts to destroy him. He wanted the definition I posted above, he wanted an otherwise caring woman to knowingly cause him pain for her own pleasure. He was a pleaser. He only wanted to see me happy. A pure, selfless pleaser.

I warned him that I’d hurt him. I hesitated. I drew my leg back and I watched him flinch. I hesitated again. My hesitation only made his anticipation worse. I knew what I had to do. I pulled back and nailed him square in the nuts. He went down hard. I laughed. I laughed and I couldn’t hold it back so I didn’t even attempt to hide it. And once the giggling subsided, I bent down and asked if he was okay.

It took a minute but he was. And he got up and he looked me straight in the eyes and asked me to do it again. “You looked so amazing, I have to see it again.”

And I did. And he went down again. And I laughed because it felt good. Not because I wanted to hurt him but because kicking a man in the balls just feels so fucking powerful and amazing and so right. And of course, he asked for it.



Topping From The Top

Normally I ignore the ignorance of those who think they can one up me but tonight it’s been overwhelming.

To all you bottom toppers. You wealthy, condescending subs, you! I beg of you, keep your proposals showering down upon me. Your generosity offered if only I submit, comply, and obey is so enticing. I am literally trembling in anticipation of the long, hard work that is required to fulfill your every desire. </sarcasm> *vomits and dies*

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 1.10.08 AM

My personal time is my personal time.

This ^ is exactly why I’m annoyed by hungry cam girls who moonlight as a dominatrix. And this is coming from someone who has nothing but respect for all sex workers. I’m not bitter, I just want to make the online world of camming a better place for all of us. So ladies, if you do not know what you are doing PLEASE do NOT do it until you LEARN HOW. Being manipulated into submitting yourself to a man’s fetish for (sometimes extremely) low pay ruins the meaning of power exchange. Watch, adsorb, and charge exuberantly high rates. You are what you advertise. Do not allow yourself to be bought. The more respect you have for yourself, the more respect you will be given. (I am not attempting to tell anyone what to charge for their cam time but please don’t be talked into going ‘on sale’ because your client can’t doesn’t want to pay your rate.)

And I do not claim to be the authority on domination but I have been pretty darn successful at it for a really long time and there is a reason: I never settle. I’d rather walk away with no money and my head held high then feel like my boundaries were overstepped. For every missed “opportunity” there is another waiting to be discovered. And I can’t discover them if I am wasting my time with someone who doesn’t respect my time.


I suppose taking a 3 year break from web camming (or any sort of intimate interaction with online subs) would have to have some kind of negative repercussions despite my steadily increasing income. But my boys know I’ve been around the block a few times. This ain’t my first rodeo.

Ladies, if you object to any of this I would love to hear your opinion. I am attempting to be as open minded as I can be but the amount of condescending bullshit I’m being shoveled now a days is INSANE. I love my job but I hate weeding through the waste.

Cuckolding PLUS Exhibitionism is My Thing

Truthfully I can’t wait to write a big ol’ pic heavy blog about Vegas but for the time being I’ll keep it short, simple, and just as sweet as me.

It’s no secret I’ve (finally after 3 years) begun dating someone somewhat seriously again. Cuckolds rejoice, right?

meggerz goofy

Above was a candid photo sent to him in between shooting clips for you submissives. I’m uber sexy. I know it. Cross eyed and all. I’m only sharing this bit of info because I find dating him even hotter knowing we both get turned on making our sexual interactions public. So maybe I’m not so much cuckolding as I am being an exhibitionist… but it’s an even bigger turn on watching you drool and sacrifice to please / pleasure us.

meggerz hot

Another shot for him, shared with you. Shall I continue? I think so. I’m almost dripping writing this.

meggerz boobs

I’m doing this for us. For me. Because it’s the only way I am programed to function. My rules, my pleasure, my life. This is a selfish post but than again, they all are.

So if you want to be apart of this, of me & of my life, you will contribute. You will send cash for dates and spoil us. This is only a fraction of what I expect and what we’ve already received.

IMG_2670 IMG_2671

Ignore this opportunity and it’s only you that’s missing out. I could care less. It’s you who need us. It’s your new purpose. Your new life.

To new beginnings! To him and to me and to you… finally privy of something greater than yourself.

Desperate Cock Whore

You fall to your knees at just the thought of sucking cock for me. You are my pathetic cock whore. Or are you? Have you earned that title from me? Or are you lurking in the shadows rubbing your clitty and always craving to sink all the way down?

Forced bi strap-on dildo

Savory Or Sweet Strap-on Sucking – Which do you crave? Whichever I ram down your throat.

You’d do anything to be used by me. To drop into dick slobbering position and choke for me. But are you worthy? Have you earned that excitement? Cock ramming the back of your throat is pointless with out my guidance. You can gag, choke, and moan all you want but without me, it’s meaningless.

cock circle

So as of now you are nothing more than a wanna be bimbo. You dream of letting it all go and owning the title whore. But you are nothing. Nothing to me. Absolutely NOTHING.

Try harder. Amuse Me

amuse me

pay to obey

Golden Oldies And What’s To Come

Going through my multiple external hard drives and finding all these golden goodies is really kicking my ass back into wanting it ALL and tons MORE.

financial domination cash

This is $13k cash. You know, just what I kept on me at the time. Recession, what?

dat ass

That fine young ass…

black bubble butt

De….erp Nope. Stop staring.

fuck you footboy

And ah fuck you.

There are a *TON* more but I am going to save them for something special. I let 2013 slip away from me… I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was a record year but the partying was EXTREME. I wanna lay low and bank it 2014. I’ve set bigger goals. Shame I didn’t have big boasts like:

ANOTHER BMW M3 <- yeah click for the full tour.

meggerz bmw m3


Utah trip boob job,

meggerz egypt

or all expense paid vaca to wherever.

I’ve ONLY got the cash in my bank account to look at and reminisce.

So enough about me. UGH I am so bragging. I know. Let’s talk about the things to come. Like sharing not only a room but a bed.. (yep) with this sexpot.

Mistress T and Meggerz

Mistress T and Myself

Back in Dirty V.

Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Myself

Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Myself

I’m scared. Too many hot women. No self control. Dear lord, help me.