My Good Boys – My Play Toys

I’ve been receiving random gifts in the mail for the past 8 or so years so it honestly does take a lot to surprise me.

But it’s when a financial submissive, one who’s been around since my beginning and was quite possibly the first to binge clear my wishlist, who’s laid dormant for so long to pop up again and start spending without me saying a word that piques my interest. So CB, how long will this binge last? You admire from afar and show gratitude and that’s just the way I like you. Keep satiating my greed and I’ll keep posting photos that drive you wild. It’s our give and take, our vicious cycle and it’s perfect for the time being.


CB’s first $200’s worth of gift cards received.


and then I came home from vacation to discover another $250 in gift cards.

Of course there were a few other gifts but not enough of them to brag about.

Slave Saadi fulfilled his usual duties by tributing his whole paycheck… while I was on vacation might I add. I can’t even remember the last time that I allowed that arabic pig to see me on cam which makes victory even sweeter. I snap, he jumps. This pic’s for you, pig.


Weak Wallet & Snap Snap Chat both selflessly paid my airfare from Caye Caulker to Belize City to Cancun. Mistress T, Ceara Lynch, and I all decided last minute that it made much more sense to sleep in and fly for a few hours than get up at the crack of dawn to catch water taxi after bus all day long. Here’s to lack of planning and the good boys who pop up to pay for our lack of planning. Cheers!

What you can't tell from this photo is how terrified I am of flying...

Can’t you tell from this photo is how terrified I am of flying..?

Hey footboy,

foot obsession

you know who you are. I’m finishing up my blog to extract more cash from your wallet. And I LOVE the shoes.


Let’s all have a good laugh at this one. A longer post will soon follow.


Ass Addict can’t get enough.


Last and least, Cumdump, keep up the good work.

The rest of you, try harder.

A Little Bit of Louisiana

It all began one pretty quiet evening at a bar. (This is how most epic stories usually being by the way…) I’m a little buzzed and I get a txt from a random number asking if I want to come out to Mexico for Halloween. Of course my initial thought was HELL YES but then uhhh…  who the hell is this inviting me? Now the majority of my contacts were lost when my old iPhone was stolen in Greece so I had no idea who I was about to agree to spend a week abroad with. Hesitantly I asked who was on the other end of this awesome invite and when the response was Ceara Lynch, yep instantly down.

Long story short, the three fucking travel amigos were at it again.
Read Ceara’s NOLA blog here and Mistress T’s NOLA blog here.

Honestly as much as I would love to recount all the events of 2 months ago, I’d prefer you just read theirs.
I will however throw in some pics to make it seem like I care to share a story with you.

I love giant (white) cock.

I love giant (white) cock.

Just kidding! This is actually my dream home... a little less of a fixerupper.

My dream home.

My dream home.

Just Kidding! My actual dream home. I like a good challenge.

In case you were wondering, that is what I wear when I travel all day ie. playing driving Miss T 5 hours back to NOLA comfy-cas. (I LOVE driving and I LOVE Mistress T so I was happy as a pig in road side diner shit.)

This is how I'd decorate it NOLA style.

This is how I’d decorate it NOLA style.

Baby gators... I lived in Florida remember?

Rather your wiener on that stick.

Three domme-migos

Three domme-migos

On the bayou.

On the bayou.

My sexy hungover look.

My sexy hungover look.

And then it was off to Puerto Vallarta with Miss Lynch.

Golden Oldies And What’s To Come

Going through my multiple external hard drives and finding all these golden goodies is really kicking my ass back into wanting it ALL and tons MORE.

financial domination cash

This is $13k cash. You know, just what I kept on me at the time. Recession, what?

dat ass

That fine young ass…

black bubble butt

De….erp Nope. Stop staring.

fuck you footboy

And ah fuck you.

There are a *TON* more but I am going to save them for something special. I let 2013 slip away from me… I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was a record year but the partying was EXTREME. I wanna lay low and bank it 2014. I’ve set bigger goals. Shame I didn’t have big boasts like:

ANOTHER BMW M3 <- yeah click for the full tour.

meggerz bmw m3


Utah trip boob job,

meggerz egypt

or all expense paid vaca to wherever.

I’ve ONLY got the cash in my bank account to look at and reminisce.

So enough about me. UGH I am so bragging. I know. Let’s talk about the things to come. Like sharing not only a room but a bed.. (yep) with this sexpot.

Mistress T and Meggerz

Mistress T and Myself

Back in Dirty V.

Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Myself

Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Myself

I’m scared. Too many hot women. No self control. Dear lord, help me.

What Happens In Vegas…

I just wanted to touch on the recent Vegas vacation a few of us lovely ladies (Domina SnowCeara LynchMandy Flores, & Princess Rene) partook in and  think Mistress T summed it up best. (Make sure you check out her blog and twitter for some pretty candid and sexy photos.)

“Going to conventions/traveling to meet & make friends with others in this biz has been very fulfilling for me.” -Ms T

Mistress T Meggerz Vegas

My absolute fav. I’m totally assed out.

I am extremely lucky and feel very loved being invited to spend a couple days relaxing and learning from these top notch, successful women. Thanks again, gals!

I, unlike Mistress T, did a horrible time snapping photos. I get no photo cred. You can thank the others for taking so many. Also the snazzy Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas Nightclub photographer.

Princess Rene, Mandy Flores, Meggerz in Vegas

Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Meggerz, Princess Rene, Mandy Flores, Ceara Lynch Vegas

Oh and be sure to ask Ceara Lynch for the special photos. I’m sure she’d love to share. 😛


What’s to Come

Here I am at 3 am finally sitting down (err I’ve been in the computer chair for quite some time raping wallets) to type out this entry.  I’m notorious for writing half assed, I couldn’t give 2 fucks posts but I’ve decided I am going to try and put a little more effort into this one.

So without  further adieu, let Me begin.

I run and if that’s a shocker to you, pull your head out of your ass and pay better attention to what’s going on in My life.  As of right now it’s just a pretty little clip store on a few well to do clip sites such as Clips4Sale and ClipVia – but keep your eyes peeled and stash away an extra $40 for a rainy day. I promise you it will be worth it.

You know what, make that an extra $80. Because something special of Mine is coming soon too. You’ve seen that little VIP tab up there in the nav bar for quite some time now but never really knew where it was going to take you. Many of you have asked Me how to sign up and where to pay… well that’s all going to be answered in just another week or 2.  I’ll add more as the date approaches.


So, Fetcon. The high lights of the trip:

I slept with Ceara Lynch.

Ceara Lynch Mistress T Meggerz

Mistress T sleeps in nothing but a bra.

mistress t

Tierra is hot.

Mistress T Goddess Tierra

I compared boobs with Alexandra Snow.

Alexandra Snow

Evelyn Milan is awesome.

I always run into Taylor Raz.

Taylor Raz

Google Reverend B Dangerous.

reverend b dangerous

Ok so a lot more happened but it’s late. I am tired. And this blog is going no where. I intended a long update on all My subs, slaves, and fools but it will have to wait until tomorrow.