I Was Trolled

Recently I read an article in Time Magazine titled, “How Trolls Are Ruining The Internet” and it inspired me to share my story.

I was trolled.


I am.

Actually I’m not. I’ve been targeted many times before but this time it really got me questioning myself. So I told my story to my vanilla friends and I’ve decided to share with you, too.

(Please note the above sarcasm.)

It pretty much went along the lines of, “you’re fat.”

meggerz fat

My response, “I’m rich.”

“But you’re fat.”

“But I’m rich… …”

Here is the original image:

Filmed this on the same day for reference:

Ironically the fat shamed clip/image in question is titled, “Flaunting My Cash.” (Also ironic, all of my income comes from insulting men online.)

Clearly, I am not fat. And regardless of what I or anyone else looks like, I make like A LOT of money being ME.

Maybe my logic is flawed here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So remember kids, it’s the well thought out & sensical insults thrown around on the internet that make the cyber world such a unique and magical place. Any and all valuable opinions can be heard with the added thrill and bonus of remaining anonymous.

And on that note, why not tell me what YOU think?

16 thoughts on “I Was Trolled

  1. hahahaha you got fat? You’re hot as ever Princess Meggerz! Maybe fat = hot, perfect, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, all of the above…

  2. I have been following you for over 6 years and you keep getting sexier and more exotice with each passing day, month and year. Gorgeous!!!!

  3. Nah, you’re not even remotely fat. Unless “getting fat” means gaining like, five pounds over the course of 7 years, in which case I guess we’re all fat. Regardless of how much you weigh, you’re legitimately one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  4. I think he just got off telling you that you were fat. Me personally? I think you look great. Women being themselves is where it’s at. I find that sexy as hell. I think men who appreciate women like you are sexy too. Just saying

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