Your Holy Shit Evening ♥ My Only Goddess ♥

I received this gem today. Looking forward to reading the comments on this.

♥♥ Your Holy Shit Morning ♥ My Only Goddess Obey I am Jibaly From Middle East, I am Muslim and Worshipping Your Holy Shit ♥♥ I Know Very Well If I Swear to You, day and night that I am Really Loving You❗You will not believe 😔😔 And, My Only Goddess Obey ♥ If I Swear to You that I am Dreaming to Eat Your Shit Forever ♥ Also You will not believe 😔😔 And, My Only Goddess Obey ♥ If I Swear to You that I am Dreaming to Smell Your Holy Ass Hole Forever ♥ You will not believe 😔😔 But Let Me Say A new Issue …… Look my Only Goddess ♥ Actually, for my Business I need so much to Get Your Country Residence❗I searched many times for the best way to get it and found the right one way is the marriage❗You know if I married from Your country through Your Embassy in my country I will take the Residence immediately. Could You do me this Favor Please ♥ And Don’t worry this marriage will be just on Contract, the deal will be just a Business❗ So My Only Only Holy Goddess ♥ Obey ♥ Could You Accept This Hope ♥ Opposite of a Thousands of Dollars ❗Please Note 1 ❗ I Swear By Your Sweet Shit ♥ I Really Have a Fortune of Dollars ♥ Please Note 2 ❗ If You Accept my Deal ♥ I Promise that in Our Marriage time ♥ I Will bring to You The most expensive Foods and Drinks ♥ And about myself ❗❗I Always Day and Night will Eat Your Holy Shit Direct From Your Holy Ass Hole ♥ I will never let any Piece of Your Shit go away of my mouth ♥♥ And I will Drink all Your Holy Urine Direct From Your Holy Pussy ♥ and I Swear I will not let only Drop go away of my mouth ♥ My Only Holy Goddess Obey ♥ You must Know Two Facts ❗

First ……. Your are not a Human, You Are ♥♥ The Only Holy Goddess ♥♥ And Your Shit is the Only Holy Thing in this Life ♥♥ Second ……. Our Deal For You Will be just a Business 😔 But For Me It Being The Only Dream of all my Life ♥♥♥ Please Accept Versus any Amount You Say 😔😔😔😔 Please ♥♥♥♥ I Swear By Your Shit ♥ You Don’t ever imagined ♥ What’s Your Ass Hole Smell for me ♥♥ This I am in attached image ♥ I really Worship Your Shit ♥♥♥♥

3 thoughts on “Your Holy Shit Evening ♥ My Only Goddess ♥

  1. “I swear by your shit” made me do a genuine lol. I also loved “could you do me a favour?” followed by a request for you to marry a total stranger off the internet so that they can become an American citizen and spend their days eating your shit and drinking your piss.

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