Money is My Middle Name

Limie loves Me, that’s a fact. But I wasn’t too happy about that pending $999.00. I mean waking up to $500 is ok but a bit disappointing when I see that big PENDING tribute below it. So he made sure to make up for it. Than disappeared into the night. So I smiled today. Good boy Limie. Who else wants a happy Goddess? I know Money Hunny does ;] He just shipped out […]


Love Me

Too bad you passed out as soon as you popped your cock. No range what so ever. I wanted it all over your face, not your gut. Not to mention you owe Me $100 for those last 2 payments not completing $700 is your total. ;] So tell Me again, who’s the smartest, sexiest, most manipulative Princess alive? That’s right. Text Me again when you need another draining. I suppose […]


Call 911

Very awesome video. Gotta piss eh? And then empty it onto your bed puppet? FORCED INTOX SESSION ASAP or I’ll just post the UNedited version.Yep whata fucking concept LOL Vid won’t be up long, ENJOI