How Meggerz Got A Boyfriend

My phone rings. It’s Niteflirt.
“Oh, fuck me.” I think.
I was taking my 45 minute ME time before my shower and seriously debating on ignoring the call. -Alas, I pick up.
“Hello. This is Niteflirt. A customer is on the line. This customer is calling your listing in Women Fetish Femdom, to your member name Princess Meggerz. The rate for this call will be $6.99 per minute. To accept this call…”
Begrudgingly, I hit one.

He’s forign with a thick accent and the connection’s shotty. I tell him to call back hoping he gives up and takes his ‘white American goddess’ fantasy elsewhere. They’re usually only good for a few bucks anyways. Apparently wages are shit in third world middle eastern countries, but what do I know?

“I had a dream about you. You and I were married and we had a child.”
Uhhh. No.
“What makes you think I’d even consider marrying you?” I ask.
“why not..?”

We had a boy. His name was “Zayrod” – he meant Jared. He wants me to know more about him. He is paying $6.99 to reintroduce himself.

He wants to know why I am laughing at him.

“Send me a tribute and you can be my boyfriend…” LOL
“Yes Goddess.”

“Send me another tribute and I will call you ‘baby.'”
“Yes Goddess.”

Right around this point our previous call starts to come back to me and I know he’s good for even more cash.

He decides to divulge his “creepy” fantasy to me. His words, not mine. I’m at that point where no fantasy creeps me out anymore, clearly.
He asks me to fart in his face (cuz I’ve never gotten that one before). Because it’s romantic. It’s romantic when you send me tributes, baby.

We’re about a good 30 minutes into the call at this point and my boyfriend’s beginning to grow on me.
He then asks me for a different platform to send tribute on. “I fucking hate these sites taking your money!” he exclaims. My kind of boyfriend, let me tell you.

One thousand dollars later, “This call lasted 62 minutes. $289.95 has been credited to your account bringing you back to the advisor menu…” I can also hum the holding music if need be.

Anyway, moral of my story? Answer that phone! Money aside, I made myself a boyfriend. 😉

(Incase you’ve been living under a rock, start at the bottom and read to the top.)
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niteflirt story on twitter
niteflirt story on twitter

Why Yes, This Is My Job

Because Tokyo and Thailand weren’t enough, I’ve planned another trip in a few weeks to unwind with friends in Puerto Rico.

We spent about a week exploring Tokyo.

The Scramble Crosswalk Shibuya Tokyo

The Scramble, Shibuya, Tokyo

Three days in Bangkok and 10 exploring the beaches.

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

I love it when people ask if this is my “real” or “only” job. Yes. This… this right here, what you see in my blog is my “job.” Crazy right?

I get paid to do this. I get paid to travel because I deserve to live a lavish and pampered lifestyle.

meggerz thailand

And it turns you on to seeing me spend your money, enjoying my life. I take pleasure in knowing you are slaving your days away, working 60+ hours a week only to hand whatever you have over to me. Why not? It makes perfect sense. You don’t even have the time to enjoy it yourself. It’s much better if I spend it for you.

meggerz sunset

It’s Raining CASH

And then this happened.

devotional love letter




A $599 couch was also purchased.

Someone else was randomly sweeping my wishlist.

And Charles making moves to keep his anonymity. He doesn’t want to be made an example of. I want more Charles.


I didn’t even lift a finger. I just went out and ignored the computer like usual. BTW- love the jacket, brown nips.

meggerz jacket