whoote boobs

Markus S hi meggerz. i am interested in a live session. i have about 120$ to spend. i want you to have it all. and hopefully you can suck more money out of my weak loser self.
Markus S Princess you there?
Markus S ;/
princessmeggerz I am not doing sessions at the moment.
Markus S what about for 150.00 im really horny and wanting to be destroyed princess. thank you for a reply princess.
Markus S thank you
Markus S Princess???
Markus S fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.princess ignore me! plus your not az hottt anymore bitch…. i dodnt want to look at that train wreck of a boob job you fucking clown looking freak.
princessmeggerz ROFL
Markus S It is dam suer funny you clown lookin bitch
Markus S hahahahaha dun no what to say bitch???
princessmeggerz yes. it sure is funny. Sorry I don’t think your $150 is worth My time.
Markus S ight you clown titty lookin bitch no problem. i got otha hoes. thx goodness your clips were for free off the net……….
Markus S i just had to see iff dem tits were as bad as they were on da clips yahno?
Markus S cuz dem a fuckin whoote
Markus S you just need some of my balck cock up in your pussy bitch.
Markus S i’ll winnd them tittys up for you..do some free work sugga

and going and going….

yes markus- you are a winner. oh and btw, My “whoote” boobs are less then 3 weeks old. When someone slices your body open and shoves a huge implant inside, you will be a little swollen.

Findom Travels

I have been so busy with “business” that I have neglected you, My poor little blog.
So let’s <<< REWIND-

Well My MackBook Pro came in a few days before Vegas – thx loser

Hooked up with Mz Devious causing a ruccus-

Always First Class – Vegas – Helicopter Ride – Grand Canyon – View

And I love My toes.

Lots to get done, more to post. And don’t worry, YOU will get your bikini pic!

Spoiled Rich Bitch

Wayniepoo went on a spending bender the other night. $500 worth of heels, a pair of Nike’s, toe ring, flip flips AND socks galore! He has to be #1 best foot boi in My book. Pat yourself on the back capn’t you’ve won My trashed flipflops, wining My foot dust, and I am going to throw you in a pair of worn socks for being such a super spender.

Another pair Wayniepoo bought a few days ago. I am in love with Nike’s Lunar line. Sooo comfy. Sorry Shoxbois. But I will have a pair of shox going up for auction soon. And speaking of Shoxbois, one of My little peons dropped about $400 on some over priced shox clips and then another $150 on My Victorias Secret order. This is only partial. I hate how they back order shit meh.

More goodies! And lots and lots of girls best friend… DIAMONDS!

So why am I posting all this material crap? CUZ I CAN and I WILL and I LOVE ME!
VEGAS IN A WEEK!!!! Hoping to meet up with Miss Sweetfeet, Quee Leah, and Princess Rene for a drink. =]
Be jealous.

Princess Vikki and I already have 2 subs lined up for real time sessions. One is just going to be our complete bitch begging to do ANYTHING We want whilst gracing his presence in clips. The other is going to take Us out in Boston or NYC for the day, spend spend spend and hand Us wads of cash. I would ask if anyone else want’s to get in on this deal of a lifetime but I don’t even know if We will have any time for the rest of you. Poor fucks.