Fetcon – Lots of Partying & Foot Worship

Spent the weekend partying and getting foot massages, trampling off cam, meeting cool chicks and losers who need feet to jerk their dicks.

Sarah Diavola was My partner in drinking crime and foot massaging.

kiss my feet

Look at the bruises. And this was nothing compared to what he left with!


Mz Devious and I posing with Florida’s infestation problem.

I did more schmoozing and picking on dorks then filming but it’s all good. I deserved a good time. Said hello / met a few cool ladies like Shauna Ryanne, Ember Skye, Tierra & Valdori (again for like 5 seconds), Ceara and Monique. Plan on hooking up with a few to actually film with and picked up a few good foot subs. Not bad for a weekends worth of partying!