Certified Chastity.

All I had to do was turn My cam on and kendra already slutted her fucking face off. Broke as a motha fuckin joke til Thursday. Looks like raman noodles are even too rich for your kind. But uhm yea you’re welcome for buying My dinner tonight.
Your Credit Card My Hands originally $6.99 was marked up to $49.99 and Anything To Cum for $19.99…
you are a dumb fucking cunt, kendra. Next time you fuck off and come back to Me, it will be worse. I went oh sooo too easy on you.

You’re welcome for the tin of condoms I let you buy, dickbitch.  And that $50 will go to good use on something special too. For Us. Plus the remote control vibrator, stupid top hat and bow tie. BEST SEX EVER while you keep pumping that weewee.

Stupid kendra tried to buy the hat and bow tie also and I had to make her cancel the order to buy post sex cookies. Stop fighting for Me idiots. I will never really have any of you.

Certified Idiot.

chastity idiot

hammer time

Oh here is kendra.


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