AVN AEE 2014

Once again AVN Las Vegas has came and went.
And behind all the flashing lights, obnoxious sluts.. err slot machines, video cameras, VIP parties, pornstars, and lack of hangovers, was just another January spent hanging with a bunch of bad ass bitches.

Kinkbomb VIP Vegas afterparty At Hyde Bellagio

Goddess Jessica, Princess Lyne, Shauna Ryanne, Myself, Goddess Kyaa, Mina Thorne,
Mistress T, Nate Bitch, Princess Rene

Now, if you happened to find yourself face to face with all of us at once you’d probably do one of two things:  you’d either piss your pants and pass out with a massive hardon or piss your pants and fall over dead with a massive hardon. I on the other hand, feel right at home.

And as if you haven’t already been spoiled all weekend long with all of our twitter pics and blog updates,  here I am giving you more. Consider yourself lucky AND very left out.

I arrived late Wednesday evening already way too tipsy from the 5 and a half hour plane ride but of course was persuaded out for dinner and even more drinks. If by dinner they meant vodka infused candy and ice cream, they hit the nail on head (oh and a pizza.)

Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Mistress T Dinner

Goddess Kyaa took a ton more that evening. Go check her photos out.

The rest of the week pretty much went like this: wake up, relax, shoot, dinner with Kinkbomb and party with Kinkbomb in VIP. Can’t beat that life.

Kinkbomb VIP afterparty Vegas

Goddess Kyaa, Jasmine Mendez, Ceara Lynch, Mistress T, Meggerz

Had a relaxing time with Mistress T’s boobies. The spa was nice too.

Mistress T & Meggerz Topless Spa Vegas

And I didn’t even have to pay for watching these two clips go down.

mistress T behind the scenes clips

Lesbian Domination & a Forced Facial

Somehow I got talked into making this public humiliation foot worship clip with Mistress T and Nate Bitch. I was only supposed to be the cameraWOman hence my sweatpants and ponytail but it was way to easy to shoot on the strip without getting busted. My socks were completely destroyed, as you can see, because we left out the back entrance looking for a less obvious place to get some footage. After walking around for 5 minutes in a pair of wedged boots I could no longer keep up with the people finding mission. So off they came. And 20 minutes later through back alleys and parking decks we made it out onto the strip. I don’t want to ruin the surprise ending but what I will say is aside from the crazy stares, random comments, and cell phone cameras, we were pretty much accepted and even uh… appreciated? by a few men.

public humiliation dirty feet

public foot worshipping

Yeah, I let Nate keep the socks. He earned em.

Mistress T Meggerz bellagio

Bellagio with Mistress T

I could write more but…nah. I’m still in recovery mode. It wasn’t the drinks that did me in. Somehow a few of us managed to pick up the flu. Hangover Heaven probably helped make my flight home a little more bearable. Go check out Mistress T’s vblog about it. I make a cameo. Sans makeup AND my voice.

Go read someone elses blog to get the lowdown. I’ve already shared too much. It’s your turn to give back to me.

// I had a sub compile ALL the photos featuring myself and  added them to the members area. Take advantage of his hard work. 


Vegas, watch out! Jan 16th – 20th is going to be insane with My presence! Tons of porno chicks, dominatrixes, and lil ole Me will be doing sin city the way it was meant to be- RIGHT!

Now, I can’t say I’ve ever been to AVN/AEE before but Vegas, oh Vegas and I have a special little relationship together. And the more the merrier, right?  After all the planning and shooting I am ready to get this done. (And then take a loooooong vacation somewhere with lots of white sand and clear sea. 😉

My schedule is filling up- fast. If you would like to shoot with or session with Me, shoot Me an email at Contact@Meggerz.com.

I am taking paid customs AND suggestions now. The ladies I will have the pleasure of working with are Selena, Ceara Lynch, Mistress T, Cheyenne Jewel, Evelyn Milano, Shauna Ryanne, Princess Lyne , Megan Star– I am also working with Lindsey Leigh, Scarlett Storm and Amai Liu before Vegas + Paige Erin Turner and Amanda Winchester shortly after. My sub will be available for the Cheyenne, Scarlett, Ami, Paige, & Amanda shoot.

Grab your cock and your mouse, open that email and send Me your ultimate humiliation fantasy!  Contact@Meggerz.com

Plus I plan on meeting (for the first time) Bratty Bunny, Bratty Nikki, Mistress B, Jessica G, Miss Mabel, and Lexi Sindel. And attending a KinkBomb party or 2. Like I said. Insane.

If you’d like the opportunity to meet Me, I will be gracing the C4S booth with My presence Saturday the 19th 1-4pm, to get your toes wet if you’re too shy to take the plunge right into a session.

Meet Meggerz


I am also shooting with a sub on the 24th. Customs are also welcome. Only limit is extreme ball busting.