Unhung Loser

About a month ago I stumbled across Unhung Hero on Netflix and decided I’d entertain my morbid curiosity. Just as I’d guessed, it was about some loser who’s girlfriend rejected him due to the size of his penis.

Below is the clip that prompted the documentary. He figured that since he was already publically humiliated, why the hell not destroy any last shred of dignity still somewhere lurking deep within him. In my own opinion, he was so psychologically fucked up at this point that he decided it was time to embrace his “short cummings” and thrive on the documentaries ability to bring even more attention to his small penis (sound familiar, anyone?)

*Spoiler Alert*

Throughout the entirety of his journey he never once heard any reassuring words from anyone other than his own family. In the end, he gave up and accepted the fact that he would never be able to please a women. Yet somehow he managed to pick up a new girlfriend… Pffft come on, you and I both know that, that chick has got to be a dominatrix who is seeking her own pleasure by laughing at his tiny prick. A win win.

The moral of my story? A small penis is good for one thing and one thing only :

Public Humiliation

Just look what this one can do. Believe it or not I wasn’t highly amused. Except with the thumb pic, the first one, that was my brilliant idea. The rest were all poses he’s become accustomed to in order to show off his lack of penis size.

“You’re not going to post me? *pulls out cigarette and poses* ”

“Of course not… *click*”  All the while pretending as if my blog this is the only action this tiny cock is ever going to get.  Sigh.

small penis 06Small penis 01 small penis 04Small penis 02small penis 03small penis 05

AVN AEE 2014

Once again AVN Las Vegas has came and went.
And behind all the flashing lights, obnoxious sluts.. err slot machines, video cameras, VIP parties, pornstars, and lack of hangovers, was just another January spent hanging with a bunch of bad ass bitches.

Kinkbomb VIP Vegas afterparty At Hyde Bellagio

Goddess Jessica, Princess Lyne, Shauna Ryanne, Myself, Goddess Kyaa, Mina Thorne,
Mistress T, Nate Bitch, Princess Rene

Now, if you happened to find yourself face to face with all of us at once you’d probably do one of two things:  you’d either piss your pants and pass out with a massive hardon or piss your pants and fall over dead with a massive hardon. I on the other hand, feel right at home.

And as if you haven’t already been spoiled all weekend long with all of our twitter pics and blog updates,  here I am giving you more. Consider yourself lucky AND very left out.

I arrived late Wednesday evening already way too tipsy from the 5 and a half hour plane ride but of course was persuaded out for dinner and even more drinks. If by dinner they meant vodka infused candy and ice cream, they hit the nail on head (oh and a pizza.)

Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Mistress T Dinner

Goddess Kyaa took a ton more that evening. Go check her photos out.

The rest of the week pretty much went like this: wake up, relax, shoot, dinner with Kinkbomb and party with Kinkbomb in VIP. Can’t beat that life.

Kinkbomb VIP afterparty Vegas

Goddess Kyaa, Jasmine Mendez, Ceara Lynch, Mistress T, Meggerz

Had a relaxing time with Mistress T’s boobies. The spa was nice too.

Mistress T & Meggerz Topless Spa Vegas

And I didn’t even have to pay for watching these two clips go down.

mistress T behind the scenes clips

Lesbian Domination & a Forced Facial

Somehow I got talked into making this public humiliation foot worship clip with Mistress T and Nate Bitch. I was only supposed to be the cameraWOman hence my sweatpants and ponytail but it was way to easy to shoot on the strip without getting busted. My socks were completely destroyed, as you can see, because we left out the back entrance looking for a less obvious place to get some footage. After walking around for 5 minutes in a pair of wedged boots I could no longer keep up with the people finding mission. So off they came. And 20 minutes later through back alleys and parking decks we made it out onto the strip. I don’t want to ruin the surprise ending but what I will say is aside from the crazy stares, random comments, and cell phone cameras, we were pretty much accepted and even uh… appreciated? by a few men.

public humiliation dirty feet

public foot worshipping

Yeah, I let Nate keep the socks. He earned em.

Mistress T Meggerz bellagio

Bellagio with Mistress T

I could write more but…nah. I’m still in recovery mode. It wasn’t the drinks that did me in. Somehow a few of us managed to pick up the flu. Hangover Heaven probably helped make my flight home a little more bearable. Go check out Mistress T’s vblog about it. I make a cameo. Sans makeup AND my voice.

Go read someone elses blog to get the lowdown. I’ve already shared too much. It’s your turn to give back to me.

// I had a sub compile ALL the photos featuring myself and  added them to the members area. Take advantage of his hard work. 

Public Humiliation Princess Party

And this is what happens when you put 2 bad ass bitches together. Public bar humiliation.

Public Humiliation

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The foot boy got his face stuffing foot fetish fix.

Amara Noir Meggerz

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And the other little “Scissors Vixen”  lover  got Amara Noir’s thigh wrapped tightly around his neck. They loved every second of it.

Now that I am moving apartments deep into the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn I will be spending plenty more time with Amara Noir. This means get your custom clip orders in. Oh and did I mention she’s a professional “Real Time” Dominatrix with some very taboo interests. I’d be crazy NOT to session with this humiliatrix. So boys, this is your chance to inquire about what We will be offering.

And what what a night out drinking be without Princess Mabel, My new partner in hell raising crime? Throw in a little Lindsey Leigh & it’s now a Princess Party.


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– I have quite a bit to report regarding My online violating of wallets and male dignity but I’ll get to that later.  Maybe. ;]


It was so much more than a pathetic loser like me deserves…

“This past Saturday I was granted permission to be in Princess Meggerz’s presence.  It was so much more than a pathetic loser like me deserves.  As beautiful as she is from her clips, she is even more amazing in person.

I got there when I was told, but she was busy with her boyfriend in the city, so she told me to wait for her to be done and to pick her up with some coffee when she called.  I waited patiently for an hour or two, and eventually got her text to pick her up.  I was so nervous to meet with her but was equally excited.

Princess let me pay for her lunch, dinner, drinks, jewelry, and a whole bunch else.  I had to go to the ATM 3 times before I even knew what hit me.  In the end, I ended up dropping a few hundred more than I had planned (a bit less than $1000 total), but I know it’s in a better place now.  Princess Meggerz even made me pay her an extra $150 on my way out because she knew I could not say no to her.

Later on, Princess made me dance for her in a gay club which was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever had to do.  I should never have told her that embarrassing myself in public is the one limit I have, it was one of the first things she made me take part in.  Princess knows exactly how much control she has, and she is so good at using it for her own benefit.

I even got to visit Princess Meggerz’s house and clean for her.  She made me wash her dishes, clean her bathroom, sort her shoes, and even go to the store for her and pick up some food and drinks.

I loved the time I had with Princess, but I feel like I took the most addicting drug in the world.  All I have been able to do since I left her is think about how much I want to serve her again.  I cannot say enough about how perfect Princess Meggerz is.  She has helped give meaning to my pathetic existence and I am anxious to serve her again as soon as I can.”

As  would say,  freak of the century (LOL) is out to make a fool of herself 24/7. I requested a music video, Rhianna’s Only Girl in the World… 70 viewers. Lame.
I am super upset with Myself I didn’t record the sound, her gagged dildo singing was hilarious! And it looks like Ass to Mouth was just too much for some simple folk – her account was suspended. ROFL