Unhung Loser

About a month ago I stumbled across Unhung Hero on Netflix and decided I’d entertain my morbid curiosity. Just as I’d guessed, it was about some loser who’s girlfriend rejected him due to the size of his penis.

Below is the clip that prompted the documentary. He figured that since he was already publically humiliated, why the hell not destroy any last shred of dignity still somewhere lurking deep within him. In my own opinion, he was so psychologically fucked up at this point that he decided it was time to embrace his “short cummings” and thrive on the documentaries ability to bring even more attention to his small penis (sound familiar, anyone?)

*Spoiler Alert*

Throughout the entirety of his journey he never once heard any reassuring words from anyone other than his own family. In the end, he gave up and accepted the fact that he would never be able to please a women. Yet somehow he managed to pick up a new girlfriend… Pffft come on, you and I both know that, that chick has got to be a dominatrix who is seeking her own pleasure by laughing at his tiny prick. A win win.

The moral of my story? A small penis is good for one thing and one thing only :

Public Humiliation

Just look what this one can do. Believe it or not I wasn’t highly amused. Except with the thumb pic, the first one, that was my brilliant idea. The rest were all poses he’s become accustomed to in order to show off his lack of penis size.

“You’re not going to post me? *pulls out cigarette and poses* ”

“Of course not… *click*”  All the while pretending as if my blog this is the only action this tiny cock is ever going to get.  Sigh.

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11 thoughts on “Unhung Loser

  1. Well, Miss Meggerz, your intolerance toward small penised white guys is shameful and puts you on the wrong side of history in the next big civil rights movement, respect for small penised white guys. Have your laugh now because those of us associated with http://www.nationalsmallpenisassociation.com will be laughing last as we make our voices heard. I’m sure you’re worried and will do everything you can to sabotage our movement because you will be out of business once small penised white guys learn to love themselves and increase their self esteem through the ownership of semi automatic firearms.

      • No, definitely not. Please check our website and you’ll see that the National Small Penis Association is a gun rights organization that was formed to enhance the self esteem of white guys who have small penises through the ownership of semiautomatic weapons. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the NRA to stop any sensible gun legislation. Our ownership of unnecessarily powerful firearms is the only thing that allows our shriveled self esteems to feel any sense of manliness.

        We understand that you and your cohorts could lose a lot of business if a lot of us small penised white guys build up our self esteems. No threat was intended other than a loss of financial income. Again, please check our website, http://www.nationalsmallpenisassociation.com, and you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about other than a significant drop in income as small penised white guys unite and fight for our rights. The small penised white guy movement is the next big civil rights movement, and those of you who have been mocking us will see yourselves on the wrong side of history.

        So, Miss Meggerz, get ready for a lower standard of living. In a couple of years, you may be lucky to get somebody to send you on a two day vacation to Toledo so have your fun while you can.

    • Miss Meggerz, a trip to Toledo, OH actually wouldn’t be that bad now that I think about it. If the Small Penis Power movement does take hold, and you find yourself going from vacationing in Greece to Toledo, you can still have a good time. If you find yourself in Toledo, make sure you get over to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center (plan to spend around 6 hours there). Then definitely go to the Blair Museum of Lithophanes (www.lithophanemuseum.org). Then the next day you could lounge on the lovely coast of Lake Erie. Heck, I guess I’ve just undermined my warnings of the reduced level of luxury you will be able to enjoy if my movement catches fire. In fact, I bet that George Fister guy is already paying for all of the travel and lodging arrangements for you and Mistress T to take a trip to Toledo. The two of you can thank me when you get back.

      • Mr. Cumdump,

        If you ever find yourself being ordered to pay for a trip to Toledo, Gus at the Toledo Convention and Visitors Bureau would like you to call him because he can get you a discount package deal at the Ramada Toledo Hotel and Conference Center and $50 Tony Packo’s Café gift cards for $20. If Meggerz and Mistress T are baseball fans, he can get you 2 free field box seats for a Toledo Mud Hens game if the visit occurs during baseball season. (Unfortunately, he can’t hook you up with a parking pass.) The Bureau’s phone number is (419) 321-6404. Just ask for Gus.

  2. I’ve had several women comment on my small dick size. I became a happy porn addict, and I get so horny jerk a lot because I’m not good at sex.

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