Pigs Without The Balls


The first mistake is acknowledgement. Once they know you have read their email they refuse to shut up. The blood starts making it’s way into their flappy penis and the emails flow in faster then the erection grows. I personally find it hilarious how I am not a “cruel” mistress because I refuse to purchase pigs at a local farm only to castrate them for a clip… but maybe My opinion is just skewed. Any one else out there interested, shoot Joaquin Octavio Diaz Anton <joaquindiazanton@live.com> an email.

So riddle Me this Batman, how does this:

“hello Madame. I am a fan  of you. from the first moment I saw one of his clips, I’ve become addicted to you. several months ago  I am a regular buyer of videos of you, I think that you is very cruel, humiliating, manipulative and of course, very sexy.
so hot it made me afraid to speak to you.”

Esclade into this:

“I want a video like this:

“you want me to cut off a pigs balls?” – Me

“oh yeah.
same as the sadistic farm girl of the video.
and I want you to  crush balls with their feet. and flip flops.
I had not yet dared to speak up now.

I would like you to do a custom video for me .I also would like to chat with you on facebook. Could I have your facebook?
excuse my english,  I am from spain.”

“yeah no that is not happening. I am not touching a pig.” -Me

“I am a pig: D.
,you can buy online baby pigs at a farm, and castrate they at home.
  I understand that there would be an extra cost, but that’s no problem for me
what is your opinion?
“no.” -Me
see this sadic farmgirl castrating a poor baby pig; and she is laughting while the poor baby male pig cries of pain and despair.

she is laughing. she is hot.”

What part of NO keeps your boner up?

</barf session>


Filthy Piggy Justin is back and ever so proud. He has been MIA since, oh who knows? I never really bothered to keep track. And he’s been begging Me day and night to blog about what he has bought so far. It’s supposed to be flattering but it’s honestly annoying. I didn’t even save that photo you sent, so resend Me one via email if you wanna jerk to it posted…  So here ya go pig, go wiggle wag your bonery tail to this shout out.

PJ: Hhhhm, since 29 March, ive bought items with total cost of $781.56 which i thought i might be more indeed im not quite impressed as i think i can do better ..

Why yes, yes you can PJ.


I see you bought more… and I’ve just now assigned you more.

-I have a ton more to post… but will have to wait.






So it’s been a long time since I actually sat My happy ass down to write a blog but there is good reason for it.

I was in the city of angels..LA… for a week, time divided between shooting a few hot models: (a pic of the lcd screen on My Canon Ti2) Daphney and Kymberly. Fucking amazing bitches to hang with.

And racing in a rally,

and partypartypartying, halloweening on hollywood blvd. no pics :/ whatevzz.

Waiting on  little money bagz second installment. $8,975.00 isn’t going to cut it for the full trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. First class flight for Mz Devious and Myself, hotel, dinners, and BOOB JOB! hahaha fuck yea. Happy fucking titty birthday to ME! Suck it boob boiz. I am going to destroy as soon as I am back in wallet raping shape.

Speaking of raping wallets, cumdump, your tuition / car payment is due. But you already know that and have it on it’s way. you are My complete bitch. Oh btw love My baby laptop pc you purchased for My travels.



Then it was back to Ft Myers to hang with the baddest of bitches, Mz Devious.

Thx footboy Waynie and Tom Acer- who might I add – have been raping on the regular. hahaha

Wayne, I want these for My birthday.

Make it happen. Christian Louboutin – just like My $1,200 pair from last birthday.

Gifts are trickling in- keep em coming.

AND just a few of the shenanigans I have been up to:

 for some reason they wont embed so try




Oh, Hi

Despite the fact I’ve been so utterly immersed in My vanilla adventure with no time for anyone but Me, I’ve actually been scoring more ca$h for, well, nothing. ;]

The less spare sitting online watching the losers pop in, one by one, asking Me for something the BETTER! It’s just weeded out the absolute wankers and wasters from the pleasers.

To the shox stomp pig, enjoy. And let Me know when it all arrives.

Soon to be the blackmailed brit, My list of gifts will be arriving in your inbox shortly. How I love payday. And Raise The Rate ;]
Which might I add is open to any other sucker, idiot, or fool who thinks they can withstand Me.

cumdump, you’re just anther piece of shit I attempt to avoid while walking down the sidewalk. But reminding you of how despicable you are gives Me more pleasure then just ignoring you.

And I’ll be going to Mz Devious competition this weekend. Can’t wait to see My bitch compete and WIN!!!!! <3


My Salami Likeem

To the loser who goes by the name Piggy Justin, heed My warning.

Although it is a shame the bank will no longer approve any large transactions, it does not quench My greed. And who comes first, a-rab hmm? Certainly not you. Nor your filthy swiney whiny wifey. After that $1000+ on Me and Princess Vikki’s NYC vaca, I EXPECT bigger and better things. SO Muhammad, (GOD I feel like I am talking to 10 of My little burnt bitches all at the same time, you are ALL named Muhammad…) since the iphone is so near and dear to your slut’s soul, I will be expecting the $400 of it’s worth PLUS another $400 for wasting My time last night.

Or else I will be forced to post all your info. K? Thought so.

And for shits and giggles, johnny pig fairy fag.

And go buy My new clip. It’s fucking HOT.
orgasm control

Stop and Go Orgasm My Way
I had a request to do “red light, green light” and as exciting as that sounded I decided to do it a little differently.
This is easy, it’s just stop and stroke, stop and stroke on My command. I hold the power, the control over your cock and I am going to make sure you are 100% aware of that.

the world is Mine

More Miami photos, http://princessvikki.livejournal.com/178032.html – and there are more of Me…

chillin sippin My drink in the Cabana while Princess Vikki was indisposed ;] Yes I am making a face. But I am still hot.

I’m your fucking ghost bitch.


The other night was a lovely drunk mess. It started off caming with a friend of Mine (for fun) which turned into a night of losers with cash.  First ratboy came along and just dumped green into My clipvia account. Sat there like a loser oogling over Me being the heavenly Goddess that I am. Next this self bukake bitch of Mine begs for a little cleavage tease.

Said it turned you on to see yourself in My blog. Well here you are dumbass. Aren’t you proud?

The rest of your douche bouches aren’t even worth a name drop. In fact, I already forgot half of you. Don’t worry, My bank account hasn’t.

Wayne’s Christian Louboutin’s that were too small finally made their way back to Me in the form of a giftcard. What a sweet number for a pair of hot heels.

Who’s going to Fetcon this year? Thinking Princess Vikki is coming down to Tampa to join Me and knowing regardless, Cumdump is paying for the Suite.  Now the question is, who is paying for My flight to Maine end of May?? J!!!!! I am waiting on you ;]

VEGAS IN A WEEK AND 3 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!