Humiliated on Cam

Well fuck my ass, cut my hair, and drown me in piss!


Nice Hitler hairstache. Bitch wanted something permanent so I decided cutting his hair would be as far as perm as he’d take it. One giant chop off the top, sir!

Oh and don’t overlook the clown nose. I am genius.


Sucked Fucked & Locked up.

fuck my ass

I will be sure to post the key when it comes in the mail. Months of being ignored and buying Me gifts finally paid off. I can own it, I suppose. I mean we share similar interests… cum guzzling and Me.

One last spot open for a Lindsey custom – /

Behind The Scenes

Take a peek into what I consider just another normal day of “living the dream.”

Spent the afternoon shooting 2 luscious ladies.
foot fetish

Ludella Hahn and Autum Bodel.

sucking her toes

And the evening at a little speak easy, Bathtub Gin, watching the burlesque show Ludella was invited to be apart of.

OHHH yeah and did I mention the random photos attached to pointless emails..? WTF cucumber asshole

Thanks Cliff Best… I think….