Limie’s Personal Best – Financial Domination

“Thank you so much for being you… For being so beautiful, intelligent, mischievous, fun, cruel, powerful manipulative and all the other wonderful things that you are. The world is infinitely better because you are in it, and no matter how much money I send you I will never be able to repay you even 1% of the joy you give me just by being so perfect… thanks for letting me try :)”


Personal best tribute

Round of applause. Half those came in for absolutely no reason while I was in Vegas enjoying myself. Shocked, yes. But then again he has a very valid point.

tit worship

How can you say no to this?  You CAN’T!

It was no surprise getting an email from CUMDUMPster less then an hour after making My little post. Just keeping you on your toes, bitch! Heh if only the rest of you could be more like My dumb little ad’dick’ted whore. The least annoying, needy slut I’ve ever taken in for training.
Cockwhore knows his place and ALWAYS remembers My time is very valuable.