How Meggerz Got A Boyfriend

My phone rings. It’s Niteflirt.
“Oh, fuck me.” I think.
I was taking my 45 minute ME time before my shower and seriously debating on ignoring the call. -Alas, I pick up.
“Hello. This is Niteflirt. A customer is on the line. This customer is calling your listing in Women Fetish Femdom, to your member name Princess Meggerz. The rate for this call will be $6.99 per minute. To accept this call…”
Begrudgingly, I hit one.

He’s forign with a thick accent and the connection’s shotty. I tell him to call back hoping he gives up and takes his ‘white American goddess’ fantasy elsewhere. They’re usually only good for a few bucks anyways. Apparently wages are shit in third world middle eastern countries, but what do I know?

“I had a dream about you. You and I were married and we had a child.”
Uhhh. No.
“What makes you think I’d even consider marrying you?” I ask.
“why not..?”

We had a boy. His name was “Zayrod” – he meant Jared. He wants me to know more about him. He is paying $6.99 to reintroduce himself.

He wants to know why I am laughing at him.

“Send me a tribute and you can be my boyfriend…” LOL
“Yes Goddess.”

“Send me another tribute and I will call you ‘baby.'”
“Yes Goddess.”

Right around this point our previous call starts to come back to me and I know he’s good for even more cash.

He decides to divulge his “creepy” fantasy to me. His words, not mine. I’m at that point where no fantasy creeps me out anymore, clearly.
He asks me to fart in his face (cuz I’ve never gotten that one before). Because it’s romantic. It’s romantic when you send me tributes, baby.

We’re about a good 30 minutes into the call at this point and my boyfriend’s beginning to grow on me.
He then asks me for a different platform to send tribute on. “I fucking hate these sites taking your money!” he exclaims. My kind of boyfriend, let me tell you.

One thousand dollars later, “This call lasted 62 minutes. $289.95 has been credited to your account bringing you back to the advisor menu…” I can also hum the holding music if need be.

Anyway, moral of my story? Answer that phone! Money aside, I made myself a boyfriend. 😉

(Incase you’ve been living under a rock, start at the bottom and read to the top.)
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niteflirt story on twitter
niteflirt story on twitter

Friday’s Humiliating Fuckovers

Friday evenings are great nights to go out and party. But they are also great nights to sit at home and work over poor, pathetic loser’s wallets. And considering it’s been some time since I’ve actually sat down and wallet raped, I decided to do the latter.

Was a pretty hefty haul. Snap snap slave, being the open wallet that he always is, got an extended period of cam time with me. As if he needed this time. I snapchat him constantly for his generous tributes. Incase you’ve forgotten, he’s the one who has been in chastity for close to a year now. suffering through chastity

And speaking of chastity, I’ve got another sub who put a chastity cage on for the first time last night. It wasn’t the plastic tube either. It was the metal kind with the bars. His cock was literally a prisoner to me. Poor cock was oozing so much pre-cum and he kept licking it up, unconvinced it was really coming from him! Then he pulled out a butt plug, I didn’t even have to suggest it. Sucker for punishment? Yeah, I’d say so. It got to the point where he didn’t know whether to stroke it or flail his hands around in confusion and pain. I loved every moment of it. And of course I left him high and dry. If he couldn’t blow a little ruined orgasm, fuck em!

Cucky Sean disappointed me. I always rinse him good. This time he was too close to broke for my standards. Step it up, footbitch. Don’t make me dump you again.

And finally the last loser worth mentioning, Whisky John. Remember that one time I had you make out with the plunger? Probably not, you were so wasted. But I do!
Toilet slave on cam

The rest of you humiliation junkies waiting to go up on my wall of shame, keep waiting. I will get to it eventually.

Snap Snap’s Chastity Saga

I suppose if I knew his chastity would have lasted this long I’d have taken better documentation of snap snap’s agonizing journey. He’s been locked up for over 5 months now.  One month turned into two, turned into five, thousands and thousands of dollars later and here we are, actually achieving orgasm.

allowed permission to cum


If you go through my previous blogs you can easily find the posts where I mention snap snap if you care to see all the pics I’ve posted of his locked up cock… (which you’ll do cuz you’re either a curious momo or you’re jealous.)

Here’s a great one though, his disgusting dick was so gross and hairy I made him shave it. Where’s that vomit emoji when you need it?

And guess what!

It’s small too… of course it is.

shaving his locked up cock

So he came obviously and into a condom. Which he is going to freeze.

And then he locked up his cock again per my instruction (it’s all he knows at this point anyway) and my key will be in the mail tonight, right my little locked up slut? Btw, you missed a few hairs, can’t even shave correctly, can you? So sad.

cock is back in its cage

At least he made it somewhat entertaining for me. I lol’d like… once.

lost his chastity key



A Destroyer of Lives

Someone read this and summarize it for me. I only skimmed it. I’m too busy making 6-7 dollars a day to bother.

p.s. Exit strategy, slum lord. I own a few multifamily properties in NYC… I think I got this.

Dear ‘Goddess/Princess/Mistress’ Meggerz,

This can be one of the most life changing and brilliant moments of your life if you let it, so be smart, and read this until the end.

The time has come for you to stop doing the evil things you are doing. Please do not laugh or scoff, the state of your mind, body, and soul are not matters to be laughed or scoffed at.

You are, unfortunately, a destroyer of lives, beginning with your own and culminating in the poor victims who for the moment are infatuated with you. You have sold yourself the strange fiction that being a harlot is the same as being a ‘Goddess’ or ‘Princess’. But of course, we know you don’t really believe that, do you? How could you? When did Aphrodite or Princess Diana ever shake their backsides for $7.99?

You promote lust and materialism and are a slave to these things, aren’t you? One pair of new shoes isn’t enough, is it? One new bikini, or holiday, or gift card, it’s just not enough. You need more, you’re caught in a brutal cycle, but you’re telling yourself ‘it’s only for another year or two’ aren’t you?

Oh you have an ‘exit plan’, but when you sell yourself every day for 6 or 7 dollars you’ll find ‘exiting’ isn’t so easy. You’re in a cycle of blank destruction. Everyday you film and get money, put on a show that you’re some ‘Goddess’, and while your bank account fills, your soul is fading away by slow degrees.

You can’t even enjoy a pure moment can you? You can’t even meet someone without crude and crooked thoughts in your mind. If what you do is not a disgrace why not go into the middle of your town or city with a sign around your neck saying, ‘Will shake my ass in your face for ten dollars!’ After all this is what you do isn’t it, but you think you’re not enslaved to the same cycle your so called ‘slaves’ are don’t you?

Slavery is not a good thing. There are spiritual and universal laws about such arrangements. Do you not know that a master has a duty to their slaves? Do you not know that if a slave suffers at the hands of an unjust and manipulative master then that master will suffer ten times the fate of the slave when accounts are settled?

You are not doing yourself any favours, are you? You think it’s cool and fun to have a ‘slave’, don’t you? All you have to do as ‘the boss’ is shake your ass isn’t it?

Your ‘slaves, admirers, wallets’ despise you. You laugh this off don’t you? But imagine being that person who shakes their ass for $7.99 and is despised by the whole world, by her own ‘slaves’, and cannot even publicly do their work because it’s such a disgrace but instead has to find some dark, deadened, dull part of the internet to do it.

After all, that’s what you do isn’t it?

You film with the curtains closed, you hope the neighbours don’t hear, you don’t listen to ‘haters’, oh there’s nothing wrong at all is there?

But somewhere inside of you is a brilliant woman, a truly remarkable marvel of life. Somewhere inside of you is that mind blowing incarnation that doesn’t have to take her top off and squeeze her tits for 10 dollars for some stranger who himself is in nothing more than a low and uninspired state.

But you only do it for the money, don’t you? And that makes it all alright. You keep the company of desperate men, you take your clothes off for them, start shaking your ass and fulfil their strange fetishes, but because you get paid you think you have the high ground don’t you? You are like the dung beetle that lords it over the common ant. It is no high attainment you have.

Our society is hateful and demeaning and full of traps. You are but a ‘useful idiot’, used by the world to abuse others and keep the world low and distracted from the brutal needs of humanity. While you stock up on shoes and clothes which sate you for as long as a piece of chocolate does, people starve and die and suffer a thousand pains and men who may offer some aid to them, men who are suffering themselves, are being distracted by poisonous harlots like you who strip down naked for 5 dollar bills and start squeezing their tits.

You are better than this. You can feel better highs than the sickly rush of vanity that deals a blow to your head every time you receive a package in the post. You do not need to have such relationships with men that you must abuse them and only see them as a resource for you.

You give men some sexual satisfaction, or fill some fetishism need of theirs, and you get paid for it. You get paid to give men sexual pleasure. But because you’re the ‘dominant’ one it’s ‘different’ isn’t it?

Or is the cold, harsh reality of life that you are a harlot and not a ‘princess’, a whore and not a ‘goddess’? These are harsh and brutal words, but only because they are true. You could be an inspiration to the world, people could look at you with respect, you have a heart’s desire, you have secret vistas of your soul you want to explore and express into this beautiful world but you can’t can you?

You are the one who is brainwashed and addicted. You have so many things, but still need more. Could it be any more plain and obvious that having things is not the remedy? It is not the cure to your soul ache, your itching mind? You get so much delirious praise from lustful men and your mind starts spinning. But don’t you know that the praise of the lustful is amongst the lowest forms of praise? It is a far different thing than the praise of the good, the dependable, the mighty!

But after all, these lustful men are but ‘pigs’ or ‘dogs’ or ‘sheep’ or ‘pets’, aren’t they? But in reality they are men and you are a woman. They are not a pig and you are not a goddess. They are the ones with the money are you are the one willing to shake your ass for them. You wouldn’t talk to them otherwise would you? And they wouldn’t look at you twice if you weren’t willing to shake your ass for their $7.99, would they?

Being a witch, or a hypnotist, or a liar are not the occupations of the high but the low. Do you associate with these occupations? Do you think it’s sexy and not vulgar to be a witch, or some dull eyed hypnotist that is but stroking the bubbling savage named Lust?

You are but an agent of lust, bait. Do you like being bait? You are like a worm on the hook. But because you get paid $7.99 for shaking your bare ass, because your pimps keep you in fine fur, it’s okay isn’t it?

Or are you one of those ‘classy, expensive, high quality content Princesses’? Do your videos cost 15 dollars or 30 dollars, and not $7.99? Don’t think that makes any difference. Money is not a true judge of value, but a crooked trickster, and certainly believing you are a Goddess when you are a harlot is the symptom of a tricked and beaten mind.

Please, for your own sake first of all, change your entire life. You are living a delusion and lie. You are the blind leading the blind. You are blinded by insatiable and brutal greed, leading those blinded by lust. It is a horror show, a dread cycle, and not a single participant comes out of it with any divine attainment, certainly there are no ‘Goddesses’ here.

Your greed is destroying your soul. You miss out on the beauty of real and true life because you are trapped in the beauty of the mirror, the beauty of the illusion. How do we know it is an illusion? Because your ‘slaves’ aren’t always so loyal are they? They go see other ‘Goddesses’ too, and sometimes they’ll go weeks or months without seeing you. Oh but they come back, and of course you weren’t going anywhere were you? They know that you’ll always be around to shake your bare ass for their money, but for some reason you think they’re the ones who are trapped don’t you?

Please, wake up.

It’s never too late to be the brilliant, inspiring, fearless, adventurous, truly divine woman you really are, and to stop being this base, brutal, disheartening, disgraceful beast that you currently are.

Make a good, wholesome decision today, you truly are worth it. So are your peers, these men you degrade for their money, they too will be grateful in far more pleasing ways than faceless gifts and desperate tributes if you help lead them out of the darkness you are all entwined in with such sickly and grotesque ceremony.

I think you will be amazed at what life has to offer to those who have been given the power over others and who use those powers for good.

Do you want to be a harlot all your life? Do you want to play this role all your life? Do you want to shake your bare ass and squeeze your tits for ten dollar bills all your life?

Why, when you are so much better than that?

Good luck, may God help you, and may your new, glorious life begin now.

Don’t forget these words, they come from an honest place, and when you are low and surrounded by the low, you should cling to honest words.

I will be sending this message to others in your profession, you can also forward it to your peers and start changing their lives too.

If you need any further help, contact me.