Make it happen.

Now that I am officially back from My Perfect Peruvian Vaca that all My little boi toiz paid for it’s time to get back to business. My trip was fucking amazing. Paradise. And all you fuckers were left behind, in the dust – to continue working, making those big bucks to hand over for My next big shabang! Yep, I’m already planning My next little get away but this time I will be doing all you little sluts a favor and bringing My computer along to keep draining as I go. But I must admit, coming home to a soaring clips4sale and niteflirt balance was quite rewarding. Making money while relaxing and enjoying life is the only way for a girl like Me to live.

So shadow puppets, quit lurking and take this little one’s lead. He popped his wallet out from behind the shadows to prove he was real and ready to be drenched in gooey gum puddles.

Oinkers – My blackberry! Msg Me.

Tanlines ‘cumdump’ – It’s time for another WU. Session or not, you know it’s your dicksucking place to keep Me happy.

To the rest of you, I want AMAZON GC. I have a lot of ’shopping’ I want done and I need to catch up on things back home.

There is a new clip up, soon to be on NF too. Reach deep in those pockets, pull out that wallet, and OPEN IT WIDE!  START SPENDING BOIZ.

Clip Addict(s)

Well first there was AddictR scooping up all the clips and I thought that was pretty fucking swell but then ClipBitch came along needing such strict control it was too easy not to destroy his little clip collection. First he is instructed to buy 5 clips… the excitement mounts… and BAM slap to the face as the little sucker bitch has to delete them all. But that’s ok, they are still there to be rebought. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. So at the end of the night his whole collection of clips is trashed and emptied and little guy is left with nothing. OH well, he’ll be back. 

Clip Addict

controlled submissive

Speaking of clips, this little ass addict got burnt BAD. It’s only -$126 after fees. It could haven been worse. At least you got to cum hunny….  haha

Emptied his bank account on My ass.


Since when can I not use Amazon GC to purchase a GC to TARGET?! uh! No way. I USED to be able to and as I have just moved I want to purchase a bunch of new necessities for the place.  Throw Me some monopoloy money bois. I’m not spending My cash at target buying bullshit you little fuckers need to be taking care of. And I don’t see fit to drain My amazon balance. Whatever, I will work all you little mushy minded oh so easily manipulated losers over and get it all anyways, no use wasting My time with Amazon/Target gayness.

And good star for AddictR*, complete and total clip whore! This weakling couldn’t help but email Me after purchasing just one c4s video to thank Me. Next thing I know I’ve talked his little dick into buying out the whole fucking store. Should have waited til the 1st AddictR, would have given Me a sweet boost to the top. Guess you will just have to start over for ROUND 2.

Sand Nigger’s new religion will be complete tomorrow. Can’t wait to see this fucking shrine the rat has going for Me.

And My Edith chair fits perfectly in the corner thank you.

Oh and I you paid off My fucking credit card, WOO!