I suggest your stop missing Me while I am online.

Your destiny of being force fed slutty tranny cock HATES waiting.

tanlines princess meggerz pink bikini

Capt’n and you are my Princess
princessmeggerz and you My little foot slut
princessmeggerz who takes the best care of My perfect feet
Capt’n who knows his place
Capt’n and yes takes care of perfection

Giuseppe Zanotti

Expect a call on My way to the post office to drop off the sandals. I have something more amazing to replace them with.

Good Life

I am making plans right now, do you fucking hear Me Meg?? Yes. Plans are being set in motion to CAMP (oh dear lord) this weekend at Florida’s beautiful natural springs!

Which means peace, relaxation, and SEXY TIME! Lots of it! and CUCKOLD IGNORE LINE! you stupid desperate fucks will actually get to hear what it sounds like to be one ‘ontop’ of one with nature!

Just Me, a fat cock… I mean MATT! Albie our pup, and loser cuckold rejects like you to keep the cash flowing!

By the way, Cumdump Tan Lines since I know you are reading this and loving Me, I forsee a sexy little mini skirt on lil Miss Maid Twat. PINK, TIGHT, and BALL HUGGING. you’re eagerly awaiting, ready and throbbing for the juicy cock buried below to penetrate those virgin lips. All for My entertiainment as I sit back sipping My margarita and laughing My ass off as My little pets I control on such a short leash compete to keep My attention.


Make it happen.

Now that I am officially back from My Perfect Peruvian Vaca that all My little boi toiz paid for it’s time to get back to business. My trip was fucking amazing. Paradise. And all you fuckers were left behind, in the dust – to continue working, making those big bucks to hand over for My next big shabang! Yep, I’m already planning My next little get away but this time I will be doing all you little sluts a favor and bringing My computer along to keep draining as I go. But I must admit, coming home to a soaring clips4sale and niteflirt balance was quite rewarding. Making money while relaxing and enjoying life is the only way for a girl like Me to live.

So shadow puppets, quit lurking and take this little one’s lead. He popped his wallet out from behind the shadows to prove he was real and ready to be drenched in gooey gum puddles.

Oinkers – My blackberry! Msg Me.

Tanlines ‘cumdump’ – It’s time for another WU. Session or not, you know it’s your dicksucking place to keep Me happy.

To the rest of you, I want AMAZON GC. I have a lot of ’shopping’ I want done and I need to catch up on things back home.

There is a new clip up, soon to be on NF too. Reach deep in those pockets, pull out that wallet, and OPEN IT WIDE!  START SPENDING BOIZ.